Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Gaffer Got Up and Put in a Shift

Top Valley United Vs Robin Hood FC

Last weeks defeat was poor and no one was happy. This week things did not look like they were going to get any better with seven players out for many different reasons, suspensions, family commitments, or just getting too pissed the night before tut tut! So bare bones was the name of the game, with the Gaffer gearing himself up for a full ninety minutes, Downsey returned from retirement to help out, and a debut for Porn Star Paul. The car ride up to the ground was surprisingly jovial, with the Gaffer putting it as "No players, backs against the wall, got a Robin Hood win all over it" a nervous laughter rang around the car. The rag tag bunch slowly assembled and changed into the Green and Black of RHFC. The pitch was erm well put it this way was at a odd angle. The PT Sports crew now an ever present at all the Robin's games set up their stuff on the side of the pitch, while trying to make sure nothing blew off in the crazily strong wind.

The game kicks off and the PT Sports crew wince a little assuming they are in for another erm interesting game, any fears they have are gone almost immediately as what has got to be the fastest goal in Robin Hood (even league) history as on twenty four seconds Terminator pops up from his new make shift midfield roll to stick in the back of the net, GOAL!!! Top Valley 0 - 1 Robin. WTF was that, mental but its there it is a goal, what a start for the Robin. The Robin seem a little stunned by it themselves as the game settles into a more equal contest with Top Valley carving out a chance and forcing Quavers into a cracking save. Quarter of an hour in and Terminator has another attempt, the outcome however is different and Robin's advantage remains just the one goal. But not for long, GOAL!!! Jay manages to get the ball into the back of the net, Top Valley 0 - 2 Robin. Whoa, its been a while since the Robin have been in this position, and according to the Guru this could be a bad thing! How will the Robin react. Top Valley finally realise that the wind is behind them so they should be using it to their advantage. Twenty odd minutes and Porn Star suffers a strong challenge which causes his ankle to buckle, its the end of his debut and with the Robin with no subs it means they are down to ten men for the rest of the game! Only a few minutes later and Top Valley use their numerical advantage to peg the Robin back, GOAL!!! Top Valley 1 - 2 Robin. Top Valley are applying pressure on the Robin now hitting the post and making Quavers pull off another good save from the rebound! A minute later and there is nothing Quavers can do as Top Valley equalise, GOAL!!! Top Valley 2 -2 Robin. The game reverts back to a to and frow dynamic, with each team having half chances. Just before half time Terminator pops up again and restores the Robin's lead, GOAL!!! Top Valley 2 - 3 Robin. Its the last action of the first half and the Robin leave the field with a surprise but not undeserved lead.

Top Valley 2 - 3 Robin Hood

The second half kicks of and twenty four seconds comes and goes with out a goal being score, the PT Sports crew feel a little cheated by this. The second half is all Robin Hood this time they have the wind behind them and seeing as they are a man down through no fault of their own they are going use ever advantage they can get their hands on. Terminator has another chance and should be on a hat trick, another chance drops for Gattuszola, but the score remains the same. More and more the Robin pile on the pressure and Top Valley look they will buckle. The Robin are playing as a unit for the first time in an age and it paying dividends, Top Valley don't threaten the Robin goal. Robin's next goal is a matter of when not if it will come. Robin's domination of the game continues up until the death when they are awarded a free kick a fair way out from the goal and off centre, Magic Pants has his eye on it, and what an eye it was as he steers the ball in to the top right hand corner past the despairing Top Valley keeper, Goal!!! Top Valley 2 - 4 Robin. The second half ends the same as the first with the Robin scoring! What a turn around the last two games the Robin have conceded four goals, today they are the ones scoring um!

Top Valley 2 - 4 Robin Hood FC

This result is a testament to what can be achieved if you pull together and work as a team, the whole game had a Robin Hood loss written all over it, but the boys who were there dug deep and showed what true spirit, steel, and dogged determination is. For all those who played that day be proud of what you did.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tight on Ginger, TIGHT ON GINGER!!!!

Robin Hood FC Vs Pheasant Inn
Vernon Park

Home, Home on the range where the Big Waynes and Kebaby Pones play. The Robin are back on home turf hopefully being back in the familiar surroundings of Vernon will help the Robin regain winning ways. The last two games have seen the Robin ship twelve goals, not good in anyway shape or form. This weeks oppo were Pheasant Inn Sundays, last season first game between the two was a four all romp of a game, did this have the makings of the same. As is becoming the norm the PT Sports crew set up the travelling media centre. For once no delays to kick off so lets get the game under way.

PEEP PEEP PEEP, The Robin are kicking towards the Park end of the pitch while Pheasant attack the Stone Wall end. A tentative first few minutes from both sides explodes into life when in the Tenth minute Robin carve out a chance that flies past the Pheasants goal. Awoken by this Pheasant go looking for a chance themselves, they don't have to wait long when on twelve minutes they clinically take there first opportunity, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 1 Pheasant. FFS, the Robin are behind again for the third match on the bounce, whats going on. The Robin go on the hunt, piling pressure on Pheasant's defence, creating more chances but the old curse in front of goal seems to be rearing its ugly head again as the chances go wanting. Then against the run of play Pheasant are at it again, countering the Robin they stick the ball in the back of the net, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 2 Pheasant. Where did that come from, Robin have it all to do again, never making things easy for themselves. The remainder of the half is completely dominated by the Robin as chance after chance comes and goes without yielding any results. The frustration is palpable on the pitch and even clearer as the Ref brings the half to and end. Another intense half time time coming up.

Robin 0 - 2 Pheasant.

The half time team talk is again a shouty affair, some players more vocal than others, everyone trying to get their point across and before you know it its time to get back onto the pitch.

What will the second half bring, well if the past is anything to go by more goals. The Ref gets things going and Pheasant go on the attack opening a chance in the first minute. The Robin hit back with a shot on goal themselves that rolls just wide. fifty first minute and Pheasant get a corner, for some un-explainable reason the Robin fall asleep allowing the Pheasant to take the corner short, cross into the box which all the Robin defenders seem to miss, landing nicely to a Pheasant player who dispatches it into the back of the net, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 3 Pheasant. Things are going from bad to worse, that was an awful goal to concede and there is still forty odd minutes left, its time for the Robin to show their mettle. The game dies down lacking the domination of the first half. Hit again on the break the Pheasant come down the left hand side of the pitch managing to get the cross in it bypasses one Pheasant player but comes to a second Pheasant player on his own in the box, controlling the ball and drilling it in, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 4 Pheasant. Most of the Robin are completely deflated by now, Terminator tries to liven things up going on a maze up but even that comes to nothing. The game is drawing to its conclusion, when Pone manages to pop up in Pheasants box and finish of a good move from the Robin, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 4 Pheasant. Nothing more than a consolation for the Robin as the remaining minutes fly by and the Ref concludes the game.

Robin Hood FC 1 - 4 Pheasant Inn

Another four goals let in by the Robin in a game they should have put to bed early with the chances they had, sixteen now in three, not good enough pure and simple. The Robin need to be ruthless in front of goal and take the chances presented to them otherwise we are going to be seeing more and more results like this one.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"Is it a Westy?" Lucy "No its a Dog"

Loxley Vs. Robin Hood FC
Top Valley School

Last week the Robin were taken apart, FACT! So they needed to pick themselves up, dust themselves down, and get on with trying to return to winning ways. Sunday is here again so it gave the Robin the opportunity to do just that. At first glance Loxley look like Robin's third brand new oppo of the season, turns out the nucleus of the team is actually Backup United from last season, so not unfamiliar to the Robin. The pitch, after being some what spoiled last week, is not up to much cop, containing pot holes and what looked like an area where there had recently been a fire. But this is Sunday league football, so shut up and get on with it.

With the wind blowing and the sky looking ominously dark in the distance it was time to get the game under way, PEEP PEEP PEEP, what the hell was that? its less than two minutes into the first half and Quavers has already been lobbed, GOAL!!! Loxley 1 - 0 Robin. It was so quick that goal that the now ever present PT Sports crew almost missed it. Loxley have another chance off a corner but its head over Robin's cross bar, not long after they fashion another chance but that to is wide of the mark. It takes the Robin twenty odd minutes to really get going and carve out their first opportunity which unfortunately does not settle in the back of the net. Robin are having all the play, the next fifteen minutes is all about them. Kebab has a effort whistle past goal, while there are chances that come and go for others, in fact Robin have five good chances to score in that fifteen minutes but Loxley must have some kind of force field round the goal (or inept finishing from the Robin, more likely) cause non of them bring the much needed equaliser. Loxley soak up the pressure and look to hit the Robin on the break, this policy pays dividends when on the thirty fifth Loxley double their advantage, GOAL!!! Loxley 2 - 0 Robin. Against the run of play but if you don't take your own opportunities then this can happen. just before the end of the half Loxley have another chance, luckily it does not trouble the onion bag and the Robin end the half with only a two goal deficit.

Loxley 2 - 0 Robin Hood FC.

The half time inquiry is somewhat of a heated event, with colourful language being unsparingly spread around. The turn around time in Sunday league is quick so before you know it its time for the second half.

Second half starts similar to the first, only this time the early chance drops to the Robin, but also like the first half it does not bring them a goal. The dynamic of the half is settling into a familiar feel, the Robin have chances but fail to put them away and Loxley look to counter. By now it has started to rain, not heavy rain, it was spitting (everybody in its SPITTIN'), The newest member of the PT Sports crew leaps into action, first letting the umbrella fold inside out, then battling away with a little help from the surrounding crowd to get it back together, finally getting into position holding it above the cameraman, well don Don Don. Twenty second minute and the funniest (sorry) thing this season as Magic Pants takes the ball square in the nuts and drops like a sack of spuds ("cause fellas as we all know its a pain worst than child birth") see the Robin Hood FC TV channel for the footage of this moment replayed in glorious slow-mo. Ten minutes later and a not so funny as Loxely once again score, GOAL!!! Loxley 3 - 0 Robin. Navy language is emanating audibly from the Robin players now. Things do not get any better when almost exactly ten minutes later Robin concede again, GOAL!!! Loxley 4 - 0 Robin. A few minutes later and the Ref brings to an end the without doubt the most frustrating ninety minutes of football seen for the last two seasons.

Loxley 4 - 0 Robin Hood FC

A second defeat in a row, not what the Gaffer and the Guru needed, they are visibly angry with the result, which makes for a quiet and atmospheric drive back. To see the highlights from this weeks horror show please use the link on the Right Side Panel.

Bring on next week I guess...........................................

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Eight by name 8 by nature

T8's V Robin Hood FC
Hucknall Town Training Ground

Another week, another trip to Hucknall, not so bad really considering the original venue was Hall Park in Eastwood which is a fair old poke. This weeks oppo are once again an unknown quantity. Probably the team with the shortest / strangest name in the league T8's. They were the Robin's test for the fourth game of the season. Arriving at Hucknall Town's (Blue Square North) Ground today's game was to be played on their training pitch adjacent to clubs stadium. Nice pitch will probably be the best we play on all season. The PT Sports crew set up their travelling media centre on the side of the pitch as the players trickled out the the changing rooms. Milling round word reaches us that the Ref has been in a minor car collision and his arrival is delayed. The teams go through their warm up routines, T8's looking every bit a well put together side. The Ref finally arrives and once again the Robin have to have a later than advertised kick off.

Peep Peep Peep, The Ref gets the game under way. Within minutes T8's have a chance, something that we would see often during the game. Not that the Robin did not have theirs, not long after T8's first chance the Robin have a goal ruled out for offside! The next five minutes see T8's create three more chances, one of which they take with gusto, GOAL!!! T8's take the lead, even in these early stages its looking like its going to be a real test for the Robin. T8's 1 - 0 Robin. Not long after the goal and T8's carve out another opportunity, cor blimey. T8's break closing in on the Robin's area, Cooper pops up at the right time pulling off a cracking tackle firm but fair. Cain has a chance for the Robin however nothing comes of it. Twenty one minutes in and T8's double their lead GOAL!!! T8's 2 - 0 Robin. The pressure on the Robin is relentless as T8's press for a third, even hitting the wood work. All in all a good strongly contested game is tainted when on the thirty seventh minute a strong challenge on Luke causes the red mist to descend on him, lashing out and earning himself a red card, a daft red card but it has happened so what was already a real challenge for the Robin has just got even harder. Just before the end of the first half and T8's extend there lead to three GOAL!!! T8's 3 - 0 Robin. The Ref brings to a end the hardest first half the Robin have had for years.

T8' 3 - 0 Robin Hood. (Two of T8's first half goals were scored by Gamble, seeing as he gave me his name I thought I'd give him a name check here)

The Robin know the second half is going to be tough, quite how tough will soon become apparent.
Second half begins, and with in seconds T8's drive in a great cross into Robin's area which is met by a cracking header to beat the keeper, GOAL!!! not the start the Robin needed or wanted, T8's 4 - 0 Robin. T8's are rampant and in less than two minutes they are at it again, almost a carbon copy of the last one, GOAL!!! T8's 5 - 0 Robin. Its getting ridiculous now the Robin are being run ragged. The Robin settle a little after that fifth goal which produces two shots from Cain, unfortunately neither finding the back of the net. The Robin are managing to Keep T8's out and two quick successive saves from Quavers foil T8's from scoring a sixth. Young Ali Brown has the ball in midfield travelling with it then releasing the ball to Muggers who sends a cracking through ball past the T8's defenders for Gattuszloa to latch onto and calmly place past T8's keeper, GOAL!!! T8's 5 - 1 Robin. T8's respond in kind by grabbing a sixth just two minutes later, GOAL!!! T8's 6 - 1 Robin. Its back and forth frantic stuff and only a minute after T8's sixth Muggers breaks through to finish and claw another back for the Robin, GOAL!!! T8's 6 - 2 Robin. Chances come and go for both sides, on the eighty sixth minute T8's continue to gorge themselves on goals grabbing another, GOAL!!! T8's 7 - 2 Robin. That's it you would think but T8's are not finished, eighty ninth minute and they get another GOAL!!! T8's 8 - 2 Robin. The Ref draws the game to its conclusion, thank f**k for that.

T8's 8 - 2 Robin Hood FC

Without doubt the most comprehensive beating the Robin have ever had since I have followed them, they were literally hand their arses on a plate today.
A massive improvement is needed next week and the boys need it too shake off this defeat, so lets see what you got.

For highlights please use the link
at the side to each the
Robin Hood FC TV channel
on You Tube

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Kegger Alert

Premiere Travel v Robin Hood
Wigwam Lane (Finally)

Sunday is coming fast now footy season has begun (not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing seeing as it insists on being followed by Monday). This weeks game is in Hucknall, after making the trek all the way to Titchfield Park (Yes Titchfield Park, I know it says Wigwam Lane but bear with me) on our arrival we notice the abundance of cars, entering the park we see people milling around, The Gaffer seeks out Premiere's manager and comes back to inform us we have no pitch! Two pitches six teams you do the math! The manger of Premiere sends out a couple of scouts and gets on the blower in order to get us a pitch otherwise dun dun dah! No Game.
The call comes through another pitch has be located at Wigwam Lane (There you go) its a quick drive from where we are so everyone returns to their cars. I jump in with Do-Nut, who is a resident of Hucknall. After a little searching for the entrance we finally arrive at Wigwam Lane to see the rest of the team already there and changing! There is an old fella marking out the lines of the pitch, obviously it was not supposed to be used anytime soon. The PT Sports crew (ahem) set up the media centre but reporter Do-Nut has to leave having a technical problem with Kieran (He threw a wobbler) With everyone changed the lads were chomping at the bit to get started so they could rush back to the pub for the Florist, sorry Forest Plymouth game.

Peep Peep Peep, and the first half begins, and what a start a mere two minutes in and the ball is spread wide to Kyle who hits it high into the box, GOAL!!! it was supposed to be a cross but somehow managed fly over the keeper into the back of the net, Premiere 0 - 1 Robin. Premiere in their highlighter coloured kit don't seem to phased by the early goal seeing as it was for a better word a fluke (though I'm sure Kyle prefers his description of "It was a banger!"). The game is being played well even thought the pitch is not the best in the world. Both teams have their opportunities with neither adding the finishing touch, that is until the twenty minutes in when Kyle adds to his first banger, GOAL!!! Premiere 0 - 2 Robin. This time Premiere do look a little rattle and Robin squander more chances to put the game beyond Premiere even though its only the first half. Twenty seventh minute and Premiere break, GOAL!!! they have got one back this starting to be a really good game, Premiere 1 - 2 Robin. Its turning into a real battle and some heavy but fair challenges are flying in from both sides. The battling continues right up to the stroke of half time.
Premiere 1 - 2 Robin
During the break the team gather there thoughts and go over the last forty five minutes (this is not played out as civilised as it sounds) Whilst Lucy and Porn Star mill around on the sideline, the Ref is wasting no time and soon gets the teams back on the pitch.
Seconds out round two, lets get ready to ruuuuuumble (Sorry about that been playing Fight Night Round 4). The second half starts just as had as the first finished, chances pop up for each team with Quavers pulling off a cracking save from from a Premiere player jumping and tipping it over the cross bar. Young Ali Brown and Gattuszola are doing well and pulling the strings in midfield. The sixty second minute and Young Ali Brown hits the ball low and hard across the box from the right had side, its collected by Jay who turns on a sixpence and powers the ball home GOAL!!! Premiere 1 - 3 Robin. The Robin have restored their two goal advantage, what a game. Premiere are not down they think they are still in this game, and their confidence is reward when a high looping ball from midfield is played over the Robin defence for a Premiere player to half volley a lob over the on rushing Quavers, GOAL!!! Premiere 2 - 3 Robin. Twelve minutes to go can the Robin hold on to this lead and make it two wins in a row. No need to worry now, Jay takes a shot from the edge of the box, a Premiere defender makes the block, Jay chases down the rebound from his own shot, unleashing a powerful drive toward goal, the keeper gets a hand to it but the shot is too strong and the ball settles in the back of the net GOAL!!! Premiere 2 - 4 Robin. Ninety minutes bang on and the Ref blows for full time. Get the fook in there another three points for the Robin two wins from the first three games what a start to the season.
The lads rush back to the pub unfortunately the Robin has not got the Forest game on so after a quick beer the lads seek it out. The remaining band of merry men (and merry lady Lucy) enjoy basking in the win.
For highlights of the game use the Robin Hood FC TV link on the side or copy and paste the link below. (this weeks video includes the Kegger in the Title)

Bring on next week!

And a Happy 21st Birthday to the Baloo (Cain)

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