Wednesday, 25 November 2009

MasterBlaster runs Bartertown!!!

Robin Hood FC Vs T8's
Vernon Park

Hi there sports fans, ahem.... Sorry! OK Its Sunday again baby which means its time for footy. Last week saw the Robin slip to another defeat, it was hard to take as they deserved at least a point from it. This week brings top of the table T8's to the home of Robin Hood FC, last time the two met the Robin were handed their arse on a plate and drubbed 8 - 2. So Sunday was time to prove a point and show that that scoreline was nothing more than a freak. So on with it I shall go the day was sunny and bright (at the beginning of it anyway) and the squad was slowly recovering from injuries and getting back to decent levels also helped with new additions.

peep, Peep, PEEP, Lets get that booty shaking its time to play, erm, Anyway the ref gets the game underway. A slight wince from the PT Sports crew (The returning Tony included) as they were expecting a deluge of shots to rain down upon the Robin's goal, but it did not come. T8's physically were the stronger taller side but the Robin on their day is full of battlers. The game is in no way tentative and the Robin are looking nothing like the team that rolled over and presented themselves a few weeks back in Hucknall. They are competing with T8's and although they made not be out jumping them they are working to keep them from getting a strangle hold on the game. Roughly twenty minutes in and T8's get a throw in on the Pond Side within Delapping distance of the Robins box. To no ones surprise the ball is launched into the Robins area straight on to the head of one of T8's six foot plus monsters (little harsh) who guides it into the opposite corner, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 1 T8's. T8's start to excerpt a little domination exploiting the right hand side they had so much joy with in the first game. Some fine defending, including three consecutive blocks from Tea Pot which deny T8's from capitalising on there pressure. Robin continue to attack when they have to chance, and one attack leads to a free kick being award a few yards from T8's area, Magic Pants strikes the ball as the T8's wall rises, hitting the wall and bouncing out toward the centre circle where Welshy pops up and puts his foot through it, cleanly striking it, its dipping all the way, "Its going in!!" "Its going in!" "OOOOH" the ball hits the cross bar and goes over for a goal kick. What an effort, we won't hear the end of that, Welshy will be talking about it for the next ten years!! Shame it did not go in though. More solid defending and goal keeping has the Robin see out the half without conceding again. A good half for the Robin.

Robin 0 - 1 T8's

The second half starts again with T8's controlling the possession, leaving the only option for the Robin to counter attack. A couple of efforts For T8's flash wide, and when a free kick is floated dangerously into the Robin's area the connecting header goes agonisingly (for T8's that is) over. A counter from the Robin sees a a good long range effort from Gaz force a equally good save out of the T8's keeper, diving full stretch to his right hand side. Some intricate passing work from the Robin is untimely broke down by a T8's defender, time to start over. By now the rain had started to persist it down making conditions difficult for players and spectators alike. GOAL!!! T8's strike again to double their lead after a superb break from a initial Robin corner. Robin 0 - 2 T8's. T8's are starting to make their superiority count now as a long ball is latched onto by their striker who duly out paces the Robin defence and dispatch the ball into the back of the net, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 3 T8's. Minutes later and Cain collects a T8's knock away and unleashes a powerful and accurate drive, oooh, its strikes the woodwork (just where the cross bar meets the upright) and bounces back into T8's box, Gaz is quickly upon it but a blatant push in his back from a T8's defender sends Gaz tumbling, penalty surely, no! NO! the most clear cut decision the Ref could have made all game and he gets it wrong. After that the half drops into a lull as both teams play it out to the end. The full time whistle goes.
Robin Hood FC 0 - 3 T8's

Another defeat for the Robin, but the manner of the defeat is what's important. The Robin had a good spirit today and battled for it in adverse weather conditions against (in my opinion) the team who are going to be champions of the league this season. The game saw another debut as Moonie made his first appearance for the club and almost set up and equaliser, nice to have you on board. Next week is Hucknall Empire @ Vernon, they are second in the league so another toughie, be there or be a shape of four equal parallel sides.

Lookie Likes

MasterBlaster Mad Max, Glen & Steff putting up nets, can you tell them apart!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tea Pot needs a Nick Name

Robin Hood Vs Top Valley United
Vernon Park

The Robin's return, in what seems like an age means they are finally back home to Vernon Park, and hope this will spark a resurgence in form and stick them back onto winning ways! The oppo today are Top Valley United, This is the second meeting of the two this season, the first ended in victory for the Robin under difficult circumstances. Seeing as they had to play most of the game with only ten men in what was already a patched up side! This raised expectation of a result, some notable absentees were the goal keeper Quavers, and defender Kebab. Returning to the side was Muggers while the game gave debuts to Tea Pot and Carl. After a quick trip to McD's for Terminator and Blog Boy and the remainders turning up, it was almost time for kick off.

peep, Peep, PEEP, and were off! Both side start strong playing the ball around, probing, and prodding each other looking for gaps to exploit. This means both defenses have to be sharp, with Tea Pot making a stand out start to his Robin career. The to-ing and frowing continues and Carl shows that he is a capable stand in for Quavers. Knocking on each others doors but nothing until Top Valley win a corner, GOAL!! confusion in the area as the ball is played in and finds it way into the back of the net, from my vantage point I can't make out who got the last touch, but a Top Valley player returning to his position shouts over to their lino that it was an Own Goal. Robin 0 - 1 Top Valley. Robin do not get disheartened by this and continue to plug away. They get their reward when a ball pumped long is latched onto by Muggers who hits a sweet half volley from outside of the box, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 1 Top Valley. The current score line is a fair reflection of how the game has gone. A little on and Top Valley get a throw in, like most teams now days they have their own version of Rory Delap. Launching the ball into the Robin's area, a flick off someones head and the ball sits up lovely for a Top Valley player to strike it, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 2 Top Valley. Not long after and Top Valley are exerting pressure on the Robin this ends up with them wining another corner. Its is in honest a poorly delivered ball from the corner but some how ends up causing all sorts of trouble as it bounces round the area like a pinball, but finally a Top Valley player manages to compose himself and fire Top Valley into a two goal lead, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 3 Top Valley. That is roughly the last action of the game and the Ref ends a enthralling half.

Half time is calm, well in relative terms for the Robin its calm, they feel they can get something from this game.

The second half gets under way, starting at the pace it finished. Both the Robin and Top valley have early chances that go begging, though the Robin's was a more clear cut effort. With all the back forth its the Robin that strike, Magic Pants receives the ball in midfield controlling it and looking up, he spies Muggers making a run, a great ball over Top Valley's defenders heads which lands perfectly in Mugger's path, a few bounces and Muggers slots it past their hapless keeper, GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 3 Top Valley. The Robin are inspired by this and go on making all the running even Welshy pulls off a little show boating with a cheeky back heel to Magic Pants. Top Valley carve out a chance but Carl reads it well and rushes out to deny them the ball bounces around and is acrobatically cleared by Tea Pot. Top Valley break from the back with a long clearance which is latched onto on the left hand side, the Top Valley player puts his head down and runs, out pacing the Robin defender then cutting back in and burying in the net, GOAL!!!, a well taken breakaway goal. Robin 2 - 4 Top Valley. The Robin still feel like the can get and deserve something from this other efforts come, another ball from midfield over Top Valley's defence sees Pone almost score but denied by a good save from the keeper. Another shot is finely saved by the Top Valley keeper leaving the Robin licking their wounds as the game ends.

Robin Hood FC 2 - 4 Top Valley United

The Robin are gutted they knew they should have and deserved to get something out of this game but another defeat it is. There were positives to take away from the game its now down to build on them. Next week is T8's at Vernon again, T8's gave the Robin a right royal spanking last time out, so a bit of payback is in order, but to do that the boys need to be on top of their game.

For this weeks highlights use the link on the side menu to robinhoodfctv on you tube.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Gaffer Got Up and Put in a Shift

Top Valley United Vs Robin Hood FC

Last weeks defeat was poor and no one was happy. This week things did not look like they were going to get any better with seven players out for many different reasons, suspensions, family commitments, or just getting too pissed the night before tut tut! So bare bones was the name of the game, with the Gaffer gearing himself up for a full ninety minutes, Downsey returned from retirement to help out, and a debut for Porn Star Paul. The car ride up to the ground was surprisingly jovial, with the Gaffer putting it as "No players, backs against the wall, got a Robin Hood win all over it" a nervous laughter rang around the car. The rag tag bunch slowly assembled and changed into the Green and Black of RHFC. The pitch was erm well put it this way was at a odd angle. The PT Sports crew now an ever present at all the Robin's games set up their stuff on the side of the pitch, while trying to make sure nothing blew off in the crazily strong wind.

The game kicks off and the PT Sports crew wince a little assuming they are in for another erm interesting game, any fears they have are gone almost immediately as what has got to be the fastest goal in Robin Hood (even league) history as on twenty four seconds Terminator pops up from his new make shift midfield roll to stick in the back of the net, GOAL!!! Top Valley 0 - 1 Robin. WTF was that, mental but its there it is a goal, what a start for the Robin. The Robin seem a little stunned by it themselves as the game settles into a more equal contest with Top Valley carving out a chance and forcing Quavers into a cracking save. Quarter of an hour in and Terminator has another attempt, the outcome however is different and Robin's advantage remains just the one goal. But not for long, GOAL!!! Jay manages to get the ball into the back of the net, Top Valley 0 - 2 Robin. Whoa, its been a while since the Robin have been in this position, and according to the Guru this could be a bad thing! How will the Robin react. Top Valley finally realise that the wind is behind them so they should be using it to their advantage. Twenty odd minutes and Porn Star suffers a strong challenge which causes his ankle to buckle, its the end of his debut and with the Robin with no subs it means they are down to ten men for the rest of the game! Only a few minutes later and Top Valley use their numerical advantage to peg the Robin back, GOAL!!! Top Valley 1 - 2 Robin. Top Valley are applying pressure on the Robin now hitting the post and making Quavers pull off another good save from the rebound! A minute later and there is nothing Quavers can do as Top Valley equalise, GOAL!!! Top Valley 2 -2 Robin. The game reverts back to a to and frow dynamic, with each team having half chances. Just before half time Terminator pops up again and restores the Robin's lead, GOAL!!! Top Valley 2 - 3 Robin. Its the last action of the first half and the Robin leave the field with a surprise but not undeserved lead.

Top Valley 2 - 3 Robin Hood

The second half kicks of and twenty four seconds comes and goes with out a goal being score, the PT Sports crew feel a little cheated by this. The second half is all Robin Hood this time they have the wind behind them and seeing as they are a man down through no fault of their own they are going use ever advantage they can get their hands on. Terminator has another chance and should be on a hat trick, another chance drops for Gattuszola, but the score remains the same. More and more the Robin pile on the pressure and Top Valley look they will buckle. The Robin are playing as a unit for the first time in an age and it paying dividends, Top Valley don't threaten the Robin goal. Robin's next goal is a matter of when not if it will come. Robin's domination of the game continues up until the death when they are awarded a free kick a fair way out from the goal and off centre, Magic Pants has his eye on it, and what an eye it was as he steers the ball in to the top right hand corner past the despairing Top Valley keeper, Goal!!! Top Valley 2 - 4 Robin. The second half ends the same as the first with the Robin scoring! What a turn around the last two games the Robin have conceded four goals, today they are the ones scoring um!

Top Valley 2 - 4 Robin Hood FC

This result is a testament to what can be achieved if you pull together and work as a team, the whole game had a Robin Hood loss written all over it, but the boys who were there dug deep and showed what true spirit, steel, and dogged determination is. For all those who played that day be proud of what you did.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tight on Ginger, TIGHT ON GINGER!!!!

Robin Hood FC Vs Pheasant Inn
Vernon Park

Home, Home on the range where the Big Waynes and Kebaby Pones play. The Robin are back on home turf hopefully being back in the familiar surroundings of Vernon will help the Robin regain winning ways. The last two games have seen the Robin ship twelve goals, not good in anyway shape or form. This weeks oppo were Pheasant Inn Sundays, last season first game between the two was a four all romp of a game, did this have the makings of the same. As is becoming the norm the PT Sports crew set up the travelling media centre. For once no delays to kick off so lets get the game under way.

PEEP PEEP PEEP, The Robin are kicking towards the Park end of the pitch while Pheasant attack the Stone Wall end. A tentative first few minutes from both sides explodes into life when in the Tenth minute Robin carve out a chance that flies past the Pheasants goal. Awoken by this Pheasant go looking for a chance themselves, they don't have to wait long when on twelve minutes they clinically take there first opportunity, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 1 Pheasant. FFS, the Robin are behind again for the third match on the bounce, whats going on. The Robin go on the hunt, piling pressure on Pheasant's defence, creating more chances but the old curse in front of goal seems to be rearing its ugly head again as the chances go wanting. Then against the run of play Pheasant are at it again, countering the Robin they stick the ball in the back of the net, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 2 Pheasant. Where did that come from, Robin have it all to do again, never making things easy for themselves. The remainder of the half is completely dominated by the Robin as chance after chance comes and goes without yielding any results. The frustration is palpable on the pitch and even clearer as the Ref brings the half to and end. Another intense half time time coming up.

Robin 0 - 2 Pheasant.

The half time team talk is again a shouty affair, some players more vocal than others, everyone trying to get their point across and before you know it its time to get back onto the pitch.

What will the second half bring, well if the past is anything to go by more goals. The Ref gets things going and Pheasant go on the attack opening a chance in the first minute. The Robin hit back with a shot on goal themselves that rolls just wide. fifty first minute and Pheasant get a corner, for some un-explainable reason the Robin fall asleep allowing the Pheasant to take the corner short, cross into the box which all the Robin defenders seem to miss, landing nicely to a Pheasant player who dispatches it into the back of the net, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 3 Pheasant. Things are going from bad to worse, that was an awful goal to concede and there is still forty odd minutes left, its time for the Robin to show their mettle. The game dies down lacking the domination of the first half. Hit again on the break the Pheasant come down the left hand side of the pitch managing to get the cross in it bypasses one Pheasant player but comes to a second Pheasant player on his own in the box, controlling the ball and drilling it in, GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 4 Pheasant. Most of the Robin are completely deflated by now, Terminator tries to liven things up going on a maze up but even that comes to nothing. The game is drawing to its conclusion, when Pone manages to pop up in Pheasants box and finish of a good move from the Robin, GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 4 Pheasant. Nothing more than a consolation for the Robin as the remaining minutes fly by and the Ref concludes the game.

Robin Hood FC 1 - 4 Pheasant Inn

Another four goals let in by the Robin in a game they should have put to bed early with the chances they had, sixteen now in three, not good enough pure and simple. The Robin need to be ruthless in front of goal and take the chances presented to them otherwise we are going to be seeing more and more results like this one.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"Is it a Westy?" Lucy "No its a Dog"

Loxley Vs. Robin Hood FC
Top Valley School

Last week the Robin were taken apart, FACT! So they needed to pick themselves up, dust themselves down, and get on with trying to return to winning ways. Sunday is here again so it gave the Robin the opportunity to do just that. At first glance Loxley look like Robin's third brand new oppo of the season, turns out the nucleus of the team is actually Backup United from last season, so not unfamiliar to the Robin. The pitch, after being some what spoiled last week, is not up to much cop, containing pot holes and what looked like an area where there had recently been a fire. But this is Sunday league football, so shut up and get on with it.

With the wind blowing and the sky looking ominously dark in the distance it was time to get the game under way, PEEP PEEP PEEP, what the hell was that? its less than two minutes into the first half and Quavers has already been lobbed, GOAL!!! Loxley 1 - 0 Robin. It was so quick that goal that the now ever present PT Sports crew almost missed it. Loxley have another chance off a corner but its head over Robin's cross bar, not long after they fashion another chance but that to is wide of the mark. It takes the Robin twenty odd minutes to really get going and carve out their first opportunity which unfortunately does not settle in the back of the net. Robin are having all the play, the next fifteen minutes is all about them. Kebab has a effort whistle past goal, while there are chances that come and go for others, in fact Robin have five good chances to score in that fifteen minutes but Loxley must have some kind of force field round the goal (or inept finishing from the Robin, more likely) cause non of them bring the much needed equaliser. Loxley soak up the pressure and look to hit the Robin on the break, this policy pays dividends when on the thirty fifth Loxley double their advantage, GOAL!!! Loxley 2 - 0 Robin. Against the run of play but if you don't take your own opportunities then this can happen. just before the end of the half Loxley have another chance, luckily it does not trouble the onion bag and the Robin end the half with only a two goal deficit.

Loxley 2 - 0 Robin Hood FC.

The half time inquiry is somewhat of a heated event, with colourful language being unsparingly spread around. The turn around time in Sunday league is quick so before you know it its time for the second half.

Second half starts similar to the first, only this time the early chance drops to the Robin, but also like the first half it does not bring them a goal. The dynamic of the half is settling into a familiar feel, the Robin have chances but fail to put them away and Loxley look to counter. By now it has started to rain, not heavy rain, it was spitting (everybody in its SPITTIN'), The newest member of the PT Sports crew leaps into action, first letting the umbrella fold inside out, then battling away with a little help from the surrounding crowd to get it back together, finally getting into position holding it above the cameraman, well don Don Don. Twenty second minute and the funniest (sorry) thing this season as Magic Pants takes the ball square in the nuts and drops like a sack of spuds ("cause fellas as we all know its a pain worst than child birth") see the Robin Hood FC TV channel for the footage of this moment replayed in glorious slow-mo. Ten minutes later and a not so funny as Loxely once again score, GOAL!!! Loxley 3 - 0 Robin. Navy language is emanating audibly from the Robin players now. Things do not get any better when almost exactly ten minutes later Robin concede again, GOAL!!! Loxley 4 - 0 Robin. A few minutes later and the Ref brings to an end the without doubt the most frustrating ninety minutes of football seen for the last two seasons.

Loxley 4 - 0 Robin Hood FC

A second defeat in a row, not what the Gaffer and the Guru needed, they are visibly angry with the result, which makes for a quiet and atmospheric drive back. To see the highlights from this weeks horror show please use the link on the Right Side Panel.

Bring on next week I guess...........................................

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Eight by name 8 by nature

T8's V Robin Hood FC
Hucknall Town Training Ground

Another week, another trip to Hucknall, not so bad really considering the original venue was Hall Park in Eastwood which is a fair old poke. This weeks oppo are once again an unknown quantity. Probably the team with the shortest / strangest name in the league T8's. They were the Robin's test for the fourth game of the season. Arriving at Hucknall Town's (Blue Square North) Ground today's game was to be played on their training pitch adjacent to clubs stadium. Nice pitch will probably be the best we play on all season. The PT Sports crew set up their travelling media centre on the side of the pitch as the players trickled out the the changing rooms. Milling round word reaches us that the Ref has been in a minor car collision and his arrival is delayed. The teams go through their warm up routines, T8's looking every bit a well put together side. The Ref finally arrives and once again the Robin have to have a later than advertised kick off.

Peep Peep Peep, The Ref gets the game under way. Within minutes T8's have a chance, something that we would see often during the game. Not that the Robin did not have theirs, not long after T8's first chance the Robin have a goal ruled out for offside! The next five minutes see T8's create three more chances, one of which they take with gusto, GOAL!!! T8's take the lead, even in these early stages its looking like its going to be a real test for the Robin. T8's 1 - 0 Robin. Not long after the goal and T8's carve out another opportunity, cor blimey. T8's break closing in on the Robin's area, Cooper pops up at the right time pulling off a cracking tackle firm but fair. Cain has a chance for the Robin however nothing comes of it. Twenty one minutes in and T8's double their lead GOAL!!! T8's 2 - 0 Robin. The pressure on the Robin is relentless as T8's press for a third, even hitting the wood work. All in all a good strongly contested game is tainted when on the thirty seventh minute a strong challenge on Luke causes the red mist to descend on him, lashing out and earning himself a red card, a daft red card but it has happened so what was already a real challenge for the Robin has just got even harder. Just before the end of the first half and T8's extend there lead to three GOAL!!! T8's 3 - 0 Robin. The Ref brings to a end the hardest first half the Robin have had for years.

T8' 3 - 0 Robin Hood. (Two of T8's first half goals were scored by Gamble, seeing as he gave me his name I thought I'd give him a name check here)

The Robin know the second half is going to be tough, quite how tough will soon become apparent.
Second half begins, and with in seconds T8's drive in a great cross into Robin's area which is met by a cracking header to beat the keeper, GOAL!!! not the start the Robin needed or wanted, T8's 4 - 0 Robin. T8's are rampant and in less than two minutes they are at it again, almost a carbon copy of the last one, GOAL!!! T8's 5 - 0 Robin. Its getting ridiculous now the Robin are being run ragged. The Robin settle a little after that fifth goal which produces two shots from Cain, unfortunately neither finding the back of the net. The Robin are managing to Keep T8's out and two quick successive saves from Quavers foil T8's from scoring a sixth. Young Ali Brown has the ball in midfield travelling with it then releasing the ball to Muggers who sends a cracking through ball past the T8's defenders for Gattuszloa to latch onto and calmly place past T8's keeper, GOAL!!! T8's 5 - 1 Robin. T8's respond in kind by grabbing a sixth just two minutes later, GOAL!!! T8's 6 - 1 Robin. Its back and forth frantic stuff and only a minute after T8's sixth Muggers breaks through to finish and claw another back for the Robin, GOAL!!! T8's 6 - 2 Robin. Chances come and go for both sides, on the eighty sixth minute T8's continue to gorge themselves on goals grabbing another, GOAL!!! T8's 7 - 2 Robin. That's it you would think but T8's are not finished, eighty ninth minute and they get another GOAL!!! T8's 8 - 2 Robin. The Ref draws the game to its conclusion, thank f**k for that.

T8's 8 - 2 Robin Hood FC

Without doubt the most comprehensive beating the Robin have ever had since I have followed them, they were literally hand their arses on a plate today.
A massive improvement is needed next week and the boys need it too shake off this defeat, so lets see what you got.

For highlights please use the link
at the side to each the
Robin Hood FC TV channel
on You Tube

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Kegger Alert

Premiere Travel v Robin Hood
Wigwam Lane (Finally)

Sunday is coming fast now footy season has begun (not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing seeing as it insists on being followed by Monday). This weeks game is in Hucknall, after making the trek all the way to Titchfield Park (Yes Titchfield Park, I know it says Wigwam Lane but bear with me) on our arrival we notice the abundance of cars, entering the park we see people milling around, The Gaffer seeks out Premiere's manager and comes back to inform us we have no pitch! Two pitches six teams you do the math! The manger of Premiere sends out a couple of scouts and gets on the blower in order to get us a pitch otherwise dun dun dah! No Game.
The call comes through another pitch has be located at Wigwam Lane (There you go) its a quick drive from where we are so everyone returns to their cars. I jump in with Do-Nut, who is a resident of Hucknall. After a little searching for the entrance we finally arrive at Wigwam Lane to see the rest of the team already there and changing! There is an old fella marking out the lines of the pitch, obviously it was not supposed to be used anytime soon. The PT Sports crew (ahem) set up the media centre but reporter Do-Nut has to leave having a technical problem with Kieran (He threw a wobbler) With everyone changed the lads were chomping at the bit to get started so they could rush back to the pub for the Florist, sorry Forest Plymouth game.

Peep Peep Peep, and the first half begins, and what a start a mere two minutes in and the ball is spread wide to Kyle who hits it high into the box, GOAL!!! it was supposed to be a cross but somehow managed fly over the keeper into the back of the net, Premiere 0 - 1 Robin. Premiere in their highlighter coloured kit don't seem to phased by the early goal seeing as it was for a better word a fluke (though I'm sure Kyle prefers his description of "It was a banger!"). The game is being played well even thought the pitch is not the best in the world. Both teams have their opportunities with neither adding the finishing touch, that is until the twenty minutes in when Kyle adds to his first banger, GOAL!!! Premiere 0 - 2 Robin. This time Premiere do look a little rattle and Robin squander more chances to put the game beyond Premiere even though its only the first half. Twenty seventh minute and Premiere break, GOAL!!! they have got one back this starting to be a really good game, Premiere 1 - 2 Robin. Its turning into a real battle and some heavy but fair challenges are flying in from both sides. The battling continues right up to the stroke of half time.
Premiere 1 - 2 Robin
During the break the team gather there thoughts and go over the last forty five minutes (this is not played out as civilised as it sounds) Whilst Lucy and Porn Star mill around on the sideline, the Ref is wasting no time and soon gets the teams back on the pitch.
Seconds out round two, lets get ready to ruuuuuumble (Sorry about that been playing Fight Night Round 4). The second half starts just as had as the first finished, chances pop up for each team with Quavers pulling off a cracking save from from a Premiere player jumping and tipping it over the cross bar. Young Ali Brown and Gattuszola are doing well and pulling the strings in midfield. The sixty second minute and Young Ali Brown hits the ball low and hard across the box from the right had side, its collected by Jay who turns on a sixpence and powers the ball home GOAL!!! Premiere 1 - 3 Robin. The Robin have restored their two goal advantage, what a game. Premiere are not down they think they are still in this game, and their confidence is reward when a high looping ball from midfield is played over the Robin defence for a Premiere player to half volley a lob over the on rushing Quavers, GOAL!!! Premiere 2 - 3 Robin. Twelve minutes to go can the Robin hold on to this lead and make it two wins in a row. No need to worry now, Jay takes a shot from the edge of the box, a Premiere defender makes the block, Jay chases down the rebound from his own shot, unleashing a powerful drive toward goal, the keeper gets a hand to it but the shot is too strong and the ball settles in the back of the net GOAL!!! Premiere 2 - 4 Robin. Ninety minutes bang on and the Ref blows for full time. Get the fook in there another three points for the Robin two wins from the first three games what a start to the season.
The lads rush back to the pub unfortunately the Robin has not got the Forest game on so after a quick beer the lads seek it out. The remaining band of merry men (and merry lady Lucy) enjoy basking in the win.
For highlights of the game use the Robin Hood FC TV link on the side or copy and paste the link below. (this weeks video includes the Kegger in the Title)

Bring on next week!

And a Happy 21st Birthday to the Baloo (Cain)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

PT Sports Presents

Robin Hood FC v Hudson Roofing
Vernon Park

A bright sunny Sunday morning and along comes the second game of the season (Sorry about no blog from the first game, technical issues hmm). The PT Sports three strong crew set up the studio on the Pond Side of the ground while the Robin went through the pre-match warm up of piss taking and a gentle jog. Hudson Roofing are know to the Robin after three games last season ending in a win each in the league, but with Hudson having the upper hand by knocking the Robin out of the cup. With PT Sports reporter Do-Nut settled in his chair it was time to kick off.

Peep Peep Peep, and the game begins with Robin kicking toward the Park End and Hudson attacking the Stone Wall End. Robin win an early corner a couple of minutes in, Jay rising to meet the cross from Young Ali Brown but putting it over, a positive start from the Robin. Good stuff is being played by the Robin and Hudson are playing hard as J-Lo finds out as he is fouled, not one to shy away from a tackle Gattuszola reciprocates in kind with a foul of his own. A ball over the top which Cain tries to latch on to only for the Hudson keeper to come belting out of his area and clatter Cain to the ground. The resulting free kick is hammered toward goal by Kebab but Hudson's keeper is equal to it pulling off a cracking save!. The resulting corner is crossed in dangerously by Young Ali Brown GOAL!!! Kyle meets the cross and buries it from two yards. Robin 1 - 0 Hudson. In a moment of comedy the Hudson keeper goes to collect a ball that has gone out for a thrown in but some how manages to fall over himself much to the delight of his own team mates and everyone who saw it alike. The Robin are making all the play and there are further shots on Hudson's goal from Kyle and Cain. The half is drawing to an end but there is enough time for Hudson to mount a one last counter attack a neat one two between Hudson ends with an emphatic finish from the Hudson player GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 1 Hudson. Its the last action of the half and the Ref blows for the break.

Swapping ends and the second half gets underway, Hudson start strong and a last ditch tackle in the box from Luke stops Hudson taking an early advantage. Two more shots at the Hudson goal again from Cain and Kyle unfortunately not on target but shows that the Robin are not afraid to have a go. A substitution is made as J-Lo makes way for Pone on the right side of midfield. A high ball is tossed up toward the edge of Hudson's area Gattuszola miscues a attempted over head kick landing on his back, but he is soon up and running round like a loon. Kyle adds another to his games shot total but not his goals. Terminator goes on a trade mark strong run diagonally across the pitch cutting back in and attempting to cross the ball to Gattuszola. The cross is intercepted and wildly cleared by Hudson, Pone is the quickest to react setting himself for a cracking half volley with the outside of his boot. GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 1 Hudson. What a finish, but there is still a long way to go. The second goal is a spur to Hudson who up there game probing the Robin looking for the gap that will let them back in the game. More off target shots rain from the Robin but nothing to trouble Hudson's keeper. The last ten minutes is all Hudson, their attack is relentless with a little nervousness entering the Robin defence, a mistake from Quavers almost lets Hudson in but for once luck is on the Robin who hold on to claim their fist three points of the season.

A good team performance from the Robin with two very well taken goals from Kyle and Pone, a little shaky toward the end but a win is a win is a win!!

For highlights of the game and post match interviews please use the link on the right (Robin Hood FC TV)

Thursday, 3 September 2009



Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Teaser Trailer / Friendlies

Training every Sunday Woodthorpe Park 10.00am


New Friendly


Southglade Liesure Centre




Sun 16th Aug away v Wellington (Hall Park Eastwood ko 10 30)

Sat 22nd Aug away v Burton Joyce (Poplars Ground Burton Joyce) ko TBC most likely pm

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Cute Little Paramedic

Wednesday 29/04/09
Calverton 18:00
Calverton Cherry Tree v Robin Hood
The final game of the season arrived, due to a backlog of fixtures (Cherry Tree's fault) the last game of 08/09 is a midweek evening kick off. That meant rushing around like a lunatic to get there and kick off on time. So we get to the William Lee Memorial Park to be told that the changing rooms are locked and will not be opened as they were broken into (a paradox me thinks), more good news as the groundsman informs us that all the cars need to be parked on the street as the gates to the car park are being locked at 19:30 (Which they were not). So a lot of fussing and messing about later we are up at the pitch. The Robin have somewhat of a patched up team, the fates had conspired against the Robin leaving the cupboard thread bare of players. But the guys that were there pulled together with Welshy going between the sticks, it takes a brave fella to volunteer to wear the keeper jersey. On paper The Robin were on a hiding to nothing! A thrown together team against Cherry Tree, who were one win away from clinching the championship. Cherry Tree had brought around forty people down to watch this potential championship winning game, I say brought but the actual Cherry Tree pub is spitting distance from the park.
The sun was shining and it was time to get this thing under way, PEEP..................... CRUNCH!!!! 30 seconds into the game and Obi-Wan clashes with a Cherry Tree attacker, in all my days of watching football and playing five-a-side I have seen injuries happen, but never have I heard a scream of pain come from a fella like what came from Obi-Wan. The magic sponge and a bit of deep heat was not going to do the trick for this. The game stopped while the situation was assessed and then a ambulance called. Obi-Wan was helped up and hobbled slowly of the pitch to sit on the side lines and await the paramedics. Substitution made and the game got back under way and the Robin are under pressure from the very start. Cherry Tree are going at it all guns blazing they want to finish this off early and get the title in the bag. But the Robin obviously have not read the script as they defend resolutely taking everything the Cherry Tree throw at them. Any of you who watched the Barcelona v Chelsea game (28/04/09) will have an idea how this half was panning out, Cherry Tree attack creating some openings but not finishing them, while the Robin battled and worked harder than I had seen them do all season. With the Cherry Tree peppering the Robin goal Welshy put into action his somewhat un-orthodox goal keeping techniques to astounding results. Every no and then Robin had chance to counter carving out chances from nothing, but like the Cherry Tree could not put that killer touch on the end. The first half flew by and after a few minutes of injury time the ref blew to end it. WOW a clean sheet for the Robin in the first half, do not underestimate how much of an achievement that is and again how hard they worked for it.
Cherry Tree 0 - 0 Robin Hood.
(By this time paramedics had attended Obi-Wan, lucky him as one of them was a pretty little blond, nice. Obi-wan was whisked off to hospital for checks. At time of going to press there has been no further updates on his condition, watch this space)
Obi-Wan OUCH!

The second half starts and once again Cherry Tree apply the pressure that so far the Robin have withstood. The game is very very physical with tough challenges going in from both sides, its not the sort of game to be shy in that's for sure. Fifty first minute and the Robins plucky defense is finally breached, Cherry Tree with a pacy break sees them clear of the back four GOAL!!! Cherry Tree 1 - 0 Robin Hood. After all the effort put in by the boys up until this point seems to have drained away in a sudden flush and Robin heads drop. Cherry Tree's capacity crowd are cheering away and sinking cans of larger like its a cure for swine flu. The Robin continue the game bravely. Sixty eight minutes and a melee of players in the Robin area, a foul on Welshy (from my point of view anyway) from a Cherry Tree player, GOAL!!! Cherry Tree 2 - 0 Robin Hood. Should not have stood but the Ref gave it. Two minutes later and Welshy is employing some more of those "Interesting" goal keeping skills, which promptly leads him to be lobbed, luckily for him the lob is a poor effort and goes safely over the cross bar. Cherry Tree's pressure is relentless now and on seventy three minutes it pays another dividend GOAL!!! Cherry Tree 3 - 0 Robin Hood. Duh Duh Dun Da Dun Duh Duh Dun Da Dun Terminator is on it, full pelt at the Cherry Tree, he knows his mission, DEBUT BOOT GOAL!!! Terminator pulls one back for the Robin, he said he would new boots same result back-o-the-net! Cherry Tree 3 - 1 Robin Hood. This gives the Robin a small lift and they continue to play their game and enjoy it, after all it is last game of the season. High spirits are soured somewhat in the dying embers of the game as Cherry Tree strike late GOAL!!! Cherry Tree 4 - 1 Robin Hood. No added time this half the Ref brings the game to an end, Cherry Tree and their fans are jubilant, Well done to them for winning the title. The Robin won today to, they showed that despite all the obstacles put in their way they were willing to fight and they came out of a game where the scoreline flattered Cherry Tree and did not reflect the Robins true performance.
Well done lads a hard hard season is done so time to kick back and chillax, but remember the "Oliver Reed Award for Services to Drinking and Mischief" is up for grabs this summer so don't let your fans down MWAH!!!!.
Calverton Cherry Tree 4 - 1 The Robin Hood

The Welsh Keeping WIZARD

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

And Now the End is Near

And Now the End is Near

The votes have been cast, collected, and counted. Awards are being engraved and there is one final match to go.
An up and down season, a roller coaster you may say but nether the less all things must end.

All season long I have had the privilege of writing about all of your exploits, the wins, the loses, and some exciting draws. But with the summer almost upon on us and many of you will be packing your bags to head off to sunnier climes to drink, eat and be merry. So what of the blog! Well, in the interests of good form the blog will continue through the summer! One of the ways it will continue is through you! yes I'm talking to you.... So on that note....... Drum roll please................. I give you...... for the first time ever................................
"The Oliver Reed"
Award for Services
To Drinking and Mischief
Yep this is a brand new award! you have Players Player, you have Sports Man, and you have Player of the year...... But what can you win in the summer months. Here it is "The Oliver Reed Award for Services to Drinking and Mischief" is this blogs first ever award. To keep things going I want the best stories about Players and others associated with the club to let me know what you get up to over the close season, Drunken shenanigans, practical tricks, hilarious photos. I want them all! (remember the more embarrassing the better) The best story will win the "Oliver Reed Award for Services to Drinking and Mischief" as seen above. They shall then be able to show the award off in the pub over next season to show the others just what can be achieved if you get up to no good!
So have at you boys (and girls) are you up for the challenge, huh huh are ya!
(The stories will be judge by an esteemed panel of mischief makers, and I promise you no Amanda Holden or Piers Morgan... These are skilled practitioners of fun and frolics. For anymore details those of you that know me ask, phone, text. Or there is always email or Facebook. Judges are very much open to corruption and they like shiny stuff)
Next post final game of the season. Which will be here on the 30/04/09, thank you please.
Blog Boy.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

OOOOH! Right in the Jacobs!!!!

Sunday 12/04/09
Woodthorpe Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v Hudson Roofing
So here it is the penultimate game of the season and the last home game of 08/09. Now I say home game, but due to Vernon park being all booked up the game was switched to Woodthorpe park. After the shocker that was last week the Robin needed to sort themselves out. This was the perfect opportunity as Hudson had knocked them out of the cup a couple of months back then beat them in the league the following week. So revenge was on the cards. Quavers was restored to goal after a weeks absence and the rest of the team looked strong. The location had the added bonus by attracting a few more people to watch than normal due to its closer proximity to The Robin Hood itself. So on to the game.
The whistle blows and the games gets off at a frenetic pace. It looks as if Hudson have come here to counter attack. The Robin put early pressure on and it becomes clear that this is not going to be the same as last weeks lackluster performance. OUCH! six minutes into the game and Obi-Wan feels the FORCE (Get it, force, Obi-Wan, I'll get me coat!) of the match ball firmly to his family jewels. After a few moments of writhing around in what has now been established as a pain worse than child birth, Obi-Wan gingerly got to his feet. The boys were running there socks off today, the mythical 110% was being put in. Hudson continued their counter attack style coming close on a couple of a occasion but nothing really to trouble Quavers. Tackles are flying in and the games is getting a real edge to it now. On thirty minutes Ali "Mr Magic Pants" is brutally assaulted by a Hudson defender a few yards out of Hudon's area. The keeper organises his wall and Skip prepares to strike it. Skip thunders the ball towards goal, Hudon's keeper manages to get down it but can only parry to the on coming Robin players, a scramble ensues, GOAL!!! J-LO, pops up to bury it. Robin 1 - 0 Hudson. Get in there my son. This gives Hudson a kick up the arse and they come at the Robin harder than before, the remaining ten minutes is all Hudson pressure, the Robin defence is under the cosh, but they pull together and battle hard against the Hudson onslaught. Ref plays well over five minutes of added on time then finally blows to bring the half to an end. Robin survive, and the lads are buoyed by it.
Robin 1 - 0 Hudson.
The second half reverts back to type with the Robin doing most of the running and Hudson hitting them on the break. More dubious challenges are coming from both sides now, but the ref controls the game well allowing it to flow. Obi-Wan is the games enforcer today, and it winds up Hudson. Especially when he bowls over a Hudson player then proceeds to walk over his back!. On sixty three minutes Obi-Wan is at it again, checking a Hudson player in the box (who to be fair went down faster than Gillian Taylforth in a Land Rover) The Ref awarded Hudson the penalty and things were not looking good. Now the only way to describe the penalty taken by the Hudson player is to compare it to Roberto Baggio's effort in the final of the world cup USA 94. Its still rising now I think! Well the Robin escaped this time but there one nil advantage is looking fragile. Hudson though are looking drained like the penalty miss had knocked the wind out of their sails. This was compounded when on the seventy third minute Gattuszola chases down a loose ball, his pace too much for the beleagued Hudson defence, GOAL!!! Gattuszola calmly strokes the ball in to the onion bag. Robin 2 - 0 Hudson. Well if Hudson were low before this goal, then now they had hit rock bottom. Any fighting spirit had left them, they all just wanted to go. The game cruised to its conclusion, with only about thirty seconds of added on time being played.
A great team performance from the Robin, everyone working and fighting for each other.
Robin Hood 2 - 0 Hudson Roofing
Player Ratings
Quavers - 8
Welshy - 8
Wayne - 8
Obi-Wan - 8
Kebab - 8
J-LO - 8
Skip - 8
Ali "Mr Magic Pants" - 8
Pone - 4+4
Gattuszola - 8
Kyle - 8
Quavers, Welshy, Wayne, Obi-Wan, Kebab, J-LO, Skip,
Ali "Mr Magic Pants", Pone, Gattuszola, Kyle
Well done lads!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I Got Woody!!!!!!!!

Sunday 05/04/09
Southglade 10:30am
Bayliss Caravans v Robin Hood

First of all an apology for the tardiness of this weeks blog, it was such a long walk back from the pitch at Southglade and it is only now that have made it back to civilization.
OK, First up Quavers our ever eccentric Keeper was working away this weekend much to his dismay and the last stand in keeper Shaggy was beginning his suspension for a sending off earlier in the season. This left The Gaffer to step up to the plate and cover between the sticks.
Standing at an imposing 5'4", The Gaffer made for an interesting last line of defense for the Robin. Despite his size The Gaffer is an excellent 5-A-Side keeper, lets see if that could translate to full sized goals.
After warming up (Just the trek to the pitch was enough) It was almost time to kick off. The pitch was somewhat skew-wiff, and a few of the boys had had previous encounters with each other.
Peep Peep Peep, The game begins, and straight away its obvious that Bayliss are thinking the diminutive figure of The Gaffer is the Robin's weakest link. The Robin are not looking them selves today and five minutes in a lofted ball into the Robin area sees a Bayliss player loop a header over The Gaffer, GOAL!!! Bayliss 1 - 0 Robin. Not the start the Robin needed and confidence is knocked. Tempers fray already and there is a coming together of Skip and a rather mouthy Blonde player from Bayliss. The Ref does really well and controls the situation. The feeling on the sideline was this could boil over. This did not come to be however as the Ref controlled game in a very admirable way. The half continues and The Robin look a shadow of the team that returned to winning ways over Pheasant last week. Heads are down and Bayliss continue to run the play. A brief moment of inspiration from the Robin see Ali "Mr Magic Pants" and Gattuszola see a great crossed played in for Obi-Wan the head agonisingly over. That constitutes the only real chance for the Robin in the first half.
Bayliss 1 - 0 Robin.
Second half gets underway and at least the sun is still shining. The Robin are starting to look sloppy with lazy passes and players looking completely uninterested in what is going on. Despite this the Robin are still only one nil down. That changes when on the fifty fourth minute when sloppy defending allows a gift of a goal to Bayliss, GOAL!!! Bayliss 2 - 0 Robin. Bayliss double their lead and they look good for it. The Robin can not find a response, the players look fatigued and like they are counting the minutes to the end of the game. A couple of substitutions from the Robin bringing on Pone and Chrissy. Despite this no impact is made on the game and in truth it fizzles out toward the end. The Robin lose this game, though it was not the worst performance of the season it was close.
Bayliss Caravans 2 - 0 The Robin Hood
Player Ratings
The Gaffer - 7
Welshy - 6
Wayne - 7

Terminator - 6.5

Kebab - 6.5

Obi-Wan - 6

J-LO - 6.5

Skip - 5

Ali "Mr Magic Pants" - 5.5

Gattuszola - 6

Kyle - 8 MOM


Pone - 4

Chrissy - 6

Monday, 30 March 2009

Give Me a Button and I'll Push IT!!!!

Sunday 29/03/09
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v Pheasant Inn
At the start of the season the Pheasant were flying high and when the Robin visited them they sat top of the league. That game ended four all, but time has taken its toll on Pheasant's form and they had steadily slipped into mid table. This was a sixth versus seventh clash and the chance for the Robin to make up some points after two successive defeats. The Gaffer and the Guru had decided to shake things up to counter the pacy striker of the Pheasant, so placed the Terminator in center of defence with Wayne. With Obi-Wan playing the holding midfield role. The sun was shining and I had a pocket full of 'Nice' biscuits it was time for football.
PEEP! and the hare is on the move! Sorry the first half kicks off. The Pheasant's back four were your stereotypical pub footballers, beer bellies galore, if their legs were as fast as their tongues they we without doubt be the best defence in the league. Right from the off it was obvious that this was to be a completely different game to the last meeting. The Robin imposed themselves on game right from the beginning playing the ball around and controlling the pace. Six minutes in and Gattuszola goes on a mini maze up, working his way through Pheasant's defence to slot it home, GOAL!!! a great start for the Robin. Robin 1 - 0 Pheasant. The Robin continued to dominate the game, Pheasant had no real response and early on started to cry foul at every opportunity , questioning the Ref's decisions, and some of their support hurled abuse in the Ref's direction. Lets just say some of the language was colourful. But this did nothing and the Robin carried on dictating the way the game was going. The speed of the Terminator was more than a match for the Pheasant's striker, so the positional changed looked to have paid off. Thirty minutes in and against the run of play the Pheasant peg back the Robin GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 1 Pheasant. This does not faze the Robin heads are still up and they carry on what they had been doing all game so far. Again the Robin see most of the play, but are unable to convert any chances. The half ends with things all square.
A quick rousing team talk from the Gaffer and the second half is under way. It starts in the same way the game had been played up to now with the Robin on top. Some of the Pheasant's players had now resorted to tumbling with the slightest contact from a Robin player, but the Ref did not fall for any of it which resulted in more choice language from the sidelines. Fifty seven minutes and the Skipper goes on a rare run, bulldozing through the opposition to fire home from a tight angle, GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 1 Pheasant. By now the biscuits were half finished and so it seemed were the Pheasant. A controversial free kick is awarded to the Robin right on the edge of Pheasant's area, the Ref explains that the free kick was given as the Pheasant's keeper had left his area whilst still handling the ball. After a few minutes of woe-is-me from the Pheasant it was time to take the free kick. Normally Skip takes the free kicks this time however Kebab had asked for it and Skip stood aside. Kebab puts his foot right through it powering the ball low and hard past the Pheasant's keeper, he had no chance really GOAL!!! Robin 3 - 1 Pheasant. This seem to shake the Pheasant into action and although the moaning and tumbling continued they started to mount pressure upon the Robin. Roughly twenty minutes to go the Robin had their backs against the wall as Pheasant continued to come at them. The eighty seventh minute Pheasant pull one back GOAL!!! nervous defending from the Robin made the last few minutes tense. Robin 3 - 2 Pheasant. In the end it was nothing more than a consolation for the Pheasant and after what seemed to be a never ending period of added on time the Ref finally blew for the end of the game. The Robin were back to winning ways with some kind of style despite the little stumble at the end. But three points in the bag and a good way to start the run to the end of the season.
Player Ratings
Quavers - 8
Welshy - 6.5
Terminator - 8.5
Wayne - 7
Kebab - 7.5
Obi-Wan - 6.5
Skip - 7.25
J-LO - 8
Gattuszola - 8.5
Ali "Mr Magic Pants" - 6.5
Kyle - 8
Pone (They don't like it up um) - 6
Joint MOM
Gattuszola + Terminator

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I'm Not Angry Just Disappointed (As the Guru walked away from Blog Boy shaking his head)

Sunday 22/03/09
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v Calverton Cherry Tree
(OK this week is going to be a little different. Due to an unfortunate incident involving me, a clown costume, and copious amounts of evil alcohol, I was late and missed the majority of the first half and was some what on a different planet for the rest but here goes.)
Calverton Cherry Tree have something of a reputation for intimidation, they bring with them an unfeasible amount of people for a Sunday league side. What ever their tactics it seems to work for them. Cherry Tree are third in the league with two games in hand over top and three over second placed Westdale, and with a goal difference of +52 it was going to be a tough test for the Robin what ever way you look at it.
The Robin on the other hand had a psychological battle on their hands to overcome the disappointment of last weeks shocker.
Within two minutes the Robin's mountain had become that little bit steeper as Cherry Tree took and early lead Goal!!! Robin 0 - 1 Cherry Tree. The Robin dusted themselves off and began to do what they are supposed to and play a bit of football. For another twenty minutes the Robin and Cherry Tree locked horns. With Cherry Tree using their pacey strikers as much as they could. Slack marking from the Robin lead to the Cherry Tree extending their lead through an over head kick, Goal!!! Robin 0 - 2 Cherry Tree. The game returned to the same pattern until thirty minutes when the Robin were awarded a corner kick, taken Ali "Mr Magic Pants" the cross was met by Skip's head to power into the back of the net, Goal!!! Robin 1 - 2 Cherry Tree. The Robin were back in it. It was roughly at this point I turned up to the disapproving head shake of the Guru! The remaining fifteen minutes of the first half played out with good football being played by both side and the Robin giving as good as they got against a very good team. Half Time.
Half time team talk done, so time to get on with things. The second started as the first had finished, both teams playing end to end stuff. The pace of Cherry Tree's strikers was proving problematic with the Robin's back four, but they coped with it admirably until the sixty minutes when an excellent flowing moved from Cherry Tree opened up the Robin defense to restore their two goal advantage, Goal!!! Robin 1 - 3 Cherry Tree. The score line in honesty was a little flattering to the Cherry Tree as the Robin's performance was at least matching them, but just missing that killer touch. The Robin had a chance to edge back into the game when on seventy one minutes Gattuszola was sent spiralling in the box, PEEP! and the Ref pointed to the spot. Having won the penalty Gattuszola stepped up to take the spot kick. Hitting it hard and low to the left hand side of the goal, Sh*t! Cherry Tree's keeper guessed right saving the attempt. The Cherry Tree ride that storm with their two goal lead intact. The Robin began to put the pressure on they had roughly twenty minutes to get something out of this game. A great pass from Ali "Mr Magic Pants" found Kyle who thundered the ball into the back of the net, as Pone would say that was a Club Banger! GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 3 Cherry Tree. But it was little to late, despite continued pressure from the Robin right up to the final whistle they could not find the opening to snatch what would have been a deserved point.
Robin Hood 2 - 3 Calverton Cherry Tree
A marked improvement on the previous weeks game (though it could not get any worse) a decent performance against a good side who despite their reputation did not come across intimidating at all, yes they had a lot of people with them but as far as I and others who were there could see they were there to enjoy football.
Player Ratings
Quavers - 7
Terminator - 7 MOM
Obi-Wan - 7
Wayne - 7
Kebab - 7
Welshy - 6
Skip - 6
Ali "Mr Magic Pants" - 7
Gattuszola - 6
Pone - 6
Kyle - 7
J-LO - 6

Monday, 16 March 2009

Magic Pants & The Never Ending Ball Bag

Sunday 15/03/09
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v Station Hotel
Bare bones, add together injuries, work commitments and a rush back from Amsterdam and the choices for the Gaffer and Guru were at best limited. Quavers' hand injury enforced positional adjustments with Quavers slotting in the back four and Shaggy bravely taking up the mantle between the sticks. The rest of the team was assembled with even the gaffer having to don the fabled Green and Black of the Robin Hood and stick himself up front with the promise of free beer for the rest of the day ringing in his ears (Phew! said the Guru when the goal never came).
Things were not looking good for the Robin as they wanted a return to winning ways after last weeks defeat to Westdale Tavern. Station are second in the league and now only two points behind leaders Westdale. The previous encounter between these two ended in a emphatic Robin Hood victory was that on the cards again this week?
The weather was nice, really nice like a spring day which made standing on the side watching a little more enjoyable. The game was three minutes old as I arrived and the scope of the task at hand was there for all to see. The Robin hand no subs milling around the bags as normal, the Gaffer was on the pitch and the Guru was running the line. The team looked like strangers out there and were making things very very easy for Station who must have been wondering is this really the same team that took us apart on our own manor? Station dominated the game from start to finish. Frustrations were beginning to bubble to the surface early in the game and some dodgy looking decisions from the ref did not help things. Half way through the first half Kyle and Pone arrived, straight off the ferry from Amsterdam looking surprisingly fresh for two young lads back from the hedonistic capital of Europe. Well at least the Robin finally had a couple of subs. Pretty much as soon as Kyle was ready the first Robin substitution came, the Gaffer replacing himself with Kyle, by this point the Robin were already one nil down, would Kyle's introduction freshen things up any. Not really the Robin continued on a course toward (without doubt) the worst performance of the season. The Gaffer's annoyance with the Ref's inability to spot high feet against the Robin but punishing any Robin player that lifted his leg more than half a foot off the ground, was getting more and more audible. The first half finished and the Gaffer delivered a half time team talk which would have made Gordon Ramsey blush.
The lads started the second half with the Gaffer's talk in there heads but no improvement was to be seen as Station ran riot over them. Players had opportunities to show what they could do to oust regular first teamers who were absent for one reason or another did not take those chances and performances all round were at best poor. The second half continued and the Robin made another sub bringing on Pone for Welshy, again this did not have anything like a galvanising effect and the Robin now looked like they just wanted the game to come to as swift a conclusion as possible. The Ref finally had enough of the Gaffer's gob and sent him back to the changing rooms for the remainder of the game. The Gaffer was not speedy at leaving but trudged off like a opening batsman out for a duck with the first bowl of the game. The game came to its end with Station running out four nil winners, it was a gift of three points from a self destructive Robin Hood side.
Robin Hood 0 - 4 Station Hotel
Back at the Robin and some post match analysis from the side concluded that no one was good enough today simple as that, everyone had let themselves and the team down in one way or another.
The sign of quality however is how you deal with something like this. Its time to pick yourselves up dust yourselves down and take revenge by going out an claiming three points off top of the league Calverton Cherry Tree next week in a manner befitting the football that saw you get six victories on the bounce.
Player Ratings
Shaggy - 7 MOM
Kebab - 4
Obi-Wan - 4
Wayne - 6
Quavers - 5
Welshy - 4
Skip - 4
Ali "Mr Magic Pants" - 4
Gattuszola - 4
Chrissy - 4
The Gaffer - 4

Pone - 4
Kyle - 4

Ref - Minus 3

Monday, 9 March 2009

Ugly Weather, Ugly Score!! (Nice Breakfast Cob Though)

Sunday 08/03/09
Colwick Rec 10:30am
Westdale Tavern v Robin Hood
First of all apologies for the lack of blog last week. I shall make no excuses (as no one would believe them anyway!) and a big Sorry to our international readers.
But let us not dwell on the past and look to the future. The Robin Hood come into the game off five wins in a row and they were hungry for win number six. What stood in there way were Westdale Tavern. Westdale are top of the league having played fifteen, won eleven, drawn three, and losing only one game all season, factor into that a positive goal difference of thirty seven and it looks like the Robin have a challenge on there hands today.
So off to Colwick Rec to see them do battle, the sun was shining and a breakfast cob had been polished off.
Peep! First half under way and we don't have to wait long for the action to begin. Pressure right from the off by the Robin see the action concentrated round Westdale's area, the ball breaks to Kebab on the edge of the area, he precedes to smash the ball goalward... GOAL!!! What a start, what a goal. Westdale 0 - 1 Robin Hood. Just what the Robin wanted, however the Robin did not want what came just two minutes after they had took the lead. A miss placed pass and Westdale break, the pace of their front men is too much for the Robin back four, GOAL!!! a calm finish and Westdale draw level. Westdale 1 - 1 Robin Hood. Westdale's tactic seems to be to capitalise on the pace of their strikers, which is considerable. Meaning the beautiful game is not so beautiful as they continually lump it forward. When the ball is on the floor the Robin are playing the better football. The twenty second minute and a Westdale player takes the ball square in the nuts but composes himself enough to pass the ball before collapsing, the pass however leads to another long ball forward which is latched onto by one of the pacy forwards to slot past Quavers, GOAL!!! Westdale 2 - 1 Robin Hood. The Robin are rocked by this after such a good start. "If God had intended football to be played in the air he would have put grass there" The late great Brian Clough once said. Not a mantra that Westdale subscribe to. The Robin give away a free kick, Westdale knock it into Robin's area, GOAL!!! Damn, Westdale extend there lead. Westdale 3 - 1 Robin Hood. The game continues as it has for the last forty one minutes when the Robin are awarded a free kick half way into Westdale's half on right hand side. Ali "sex pest" Brown steps up and delivers a magic ball into the far post allowing an incoming Pone to volley ball into the onion bag, GOAL!!! Westdale 3 - 2 Robin Hood. That is the last action of a packed first half.
Westdale 3 - 2 Robin Hood.
Second half gets under way and my neck is beginning to hurt from watching Westdale hoof the ball at every opportunity. The Robin need to find an equaliser it will give them the boost they need and a spring board to go on and win this game, which despite the scoreline and the league saying different they are very capable of winning this. Things don't go to plan though and on the fifty seventh minute Wesdale restore their two goal cushion, GOAL!!! Westdale 4 - 2 Robin Hood. The Robin don't look the same after that goal and the weather had turned as ugly as the scoreline. Tired legs begin to show in both sides and the conditions are not helping. Obi-Wan goes for a ball against the Westdale keeper, in a 50/50 ball the keeper came of worse as a double cut to his eye ended his game. Despite the sub keeper the Robin never really tested him. Back and forth went the game and every time I looked skyward to follow another Westdale lump I got rain in my eye. As the end of the game draws close Westdale break again, Quavers makes a corking save only for, unluckily, the ball to rebound to another Westdale player to poke it home, GOAL!!! Westdale 5 - 2 Robin Hood. A minute after that the Robin pressure allowing Kyle to nick what turns out to be a consolation, GOAL!!! Westdale 5 - 3 Robin Hood.
So the Robin Hood's winning streak ends at top of the league club Westdale Tavern, not bad some might say. But the Robin had the beating of them but it just did not work out. Positives were the goals from Kebab and Pone, brilliantly taken and a delight to see. Next up boys a home game against Station hotel, lets really wind um up and take another three points off them like we did at there manor!
Westdale Tavern 5 - 3 Robin Hood

Monday, 23 February 2009

Like a Ballet Dancing Munkey

Sunday 22/02/09
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v FC Digica
Would three weeks without a game take its toll on the Robin Hood and bring crashing down the momentum they had built up in the previous three victories? Weather and other factors out of the Gaffer's and Guru's control had conspired to an un-wanted extended break for Robin Hood FC, but ever positive the Gaffer and Guru met as usual on Friday night in the Robin to discuss FC Digica's downfall and sink a few bevvies at the same time.
The first meeting between Robin and Digica had finished in a flattering four nil win for Digica, and Digica in the words of Welshy "They were fucking crap, we should never had lost that" (Please read that in your best/worst Welsh accent). The league showed a five point gap and one place separating Robin and Digica. It had the makings of an interesting game.
A nice mild day down at Vernon park, the new changing facilities finally open, time to play football. First half kicks off, and the first five minutes set the tone for the rest of the game. The Robin come out all guns blazing, first Gattuszola gets the better of the Digica defence but the final effort goes narrowly wide of the upright. Not more than a minute later a cross come in to the Digica area with Pone rising to meet it, a free header, NO! some how it goes over. It was harder to miss. FC Digica don't look to have brought their game with them today and are struggling. The Robin dominate game mixing up between route one and passing flowing football. Quavers kicking is awesome today and the Digica back four has no idea how to cope with it. Digica are in no way troubling the Robin goal in this half due to a combination of poor football and a solid display from Robin's defense. Chances come and go for the Robin but that killer blow which has eluded them in previous games seems to be back, because despite their control over the game they can not put the ball in the back of the net. A couple of opportunities for Kyle are missed but some good football is being played. The first half somehow manages to draw to a close goalless, not through lack of chances mind.
Robin 0 - 0 Digica.
A goal is coming everyone there knows it is just a matter of time. Talk at half time is encouraging as the boys are enjoying playing football rather than just the lump and run of the past.
Second half gets underway and the Robin start as they left the first half. With the exception of Digica's keeper the rest of their team looks decidedly shady almost like they don't want to be there. No doubt this feeling was compounded on the fifty ninth minute as the ball broke for Gattuszola who sent a stunning sixty yard cross field pass to Ali "Sex Pest" Brown, Ali taking on a Digica defender and crossing low and hard for Kyle convert into the back of the net GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 0 Digica. It had been coming but there was a visible sign of relief for the Robin. Now I have been going to watch to Robin long enough now to know that after that first goal they had entered the danger zone!! It normally plays out that the Robin take the lead and then concede an equaliser with in ten minutes. Today though that feeling is not there, the Robin are playing confidently, today is a case of not when they will concede but when will they score again. Again chances are made and squandered. But on the seventy seventh minute Robin are awarded a corner, Ali "Sex Pest" Brown delivers a cracking cross which I was assured (a number of times) was flicked on by Skip to allow Kebab to turn like a ballet dancer (albeit a chunky munkey ballet dancer) and fired the ball into the roof of net GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 0 Digica. This as they say was the final nail in Digica coffin, they looked as though they just wanted the game to end. Robin took advantage of this by being even more dominant. A delay due to an injury to a Digica player and the game resumes. Deep into injury time and all the play is in and around the Digica area. An attempted cross strikes a Digica defender on the arm, PEEP, the Ref points to the spot. Arguments ensue as to who is to take it, with popular opinion being that Big Wayne should take it. Wayne politely declines and Skip steps up. Strikes the ball to the side of the keeper who is down as quick as a shot to parry the ball out where the follow up is deflected out for a corner. The Ref brings the game to and end and cheers of HUZZAH! ring out. Four wins in the last four games for the Robin, things are beginning to click. Long may it continue.
Robin Hood 2 - 0 FC Digica

Monday, 26 January 2009

No Battle, No Victory

Sunday 25/01/09
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood v TriColor
Last weeks victory over Backup had lofted the Robin to the dizzying heights of ninth in the league. This week the Robin were attempting to do something that had alluded them so far this season. Could the Robin string together back to back wins in the league?. On paper things were not looking good TriColor were third in the league and had already beaten the Robin three one in their previous meeting. But the Robin had the wind at there backs and momentum from last weeks game, once again the banter was good and spirits were high. The only thing not there was Wayne who was M.I.A. This meant a new central defensive partnership of Shaggy and Obi-Wan, would it work out?.
Time to get on with it though the ref was looking a little worse for wear, but I was assured he was ill and not hungover, but had toughed it out to turn up today or as the Guru put it "People will do owt for money". Peep peep peep, and the hare is on the move (sorry that's the dogs), kick off. The game starts at a reasonably fast pace for a Sunday morning but with the ball spending most of its time in the middle third of the park. Both sides had good chances in the first ten minutes with Pone latching on to an exquisite ball from Gattuszola that split TriColor defense in two, however Pone only managed to knock the ball wide of the goal, but it was an encouraging sign. Tricolor also had there opportunity after a slight defensive mix up allowed a TriColor player to get past the back line and bear down on goal, with Quavers advancing off his line the TriColor player had to attempt the lob. He did so but his lob was not accurate and the ball sailed wide of the mark. Fifteenth minute and the deadlock is broken a speculative high ball over the Robin defense sees TriColor get in behind and put the ball in the back of the net GOAL!!! Robin 0 - 1 TriColor. Robin pick themselves up and dust themselves off, the goal was against the run of play and the team knows there is a long way to go in this game. Eight minutes later however Robins confidence is given another blow as the ref whistles for a penalty in an questionable decision. Obi-Wan had quite legitimately jumped for the ball with a TriColor player whilst on the by line in the area to the right hand side (from my vantage point) of the goal. The ref obviously had seen something in it and awarded the penalty, GOAL!!! penalty dispatched TriColor extend their lead. Robin 0 - 2 TriColor. What the F**k straight from Robin's restart Skip saw the TriColor keeper off his line and smashed the ball from just inside the Robin's own half which flew over the keepers head and into the onion bag! GOAL!!! Robin are back in it less than a minute after conceding the second. Robin 1 - 2 TriColor. Skip's goal did not give the Robin time to dwell on TriColor's second or the penalty decision and with that a new wave of confidence had washed over the boys. Twenty Ninth minute and a combination of Ali "Sex Pest" Brown's cracking pass and Pone springing TriColor's offside trap saw Pone one on one again this time a different result to the chance in the first ten minutes GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 2 TriColor. The next fifteen minutes saw the Robin have relative control and be the only ones looking like scoring. Peep Peep, half time.
Robin Hood 2 - 2 TriColor.
The second half gets under way with the ref looking ever so ropey and pale, but he is trooper and the game goes on. The first fifteen of this half are very similar to the last in the first half with the robin having most of the play. Sixty first minute and a long range effort from Kebab causes chaos in the TriColor defense allowing Kyle to nip in and poach one for himself GOAL!!! Robin 3 - 2 TriColor. The Robin are dominating the game now and a very mature display from Gattuszola in the centre of midfield is having very positive effects on the younger lads round him (Sorry Ali that does not include you) and most of the play is being orchestrated by the wily old(ish) Italian. An un-intelligible mix up at the back for the Robin when a ball is played over the top by TriColor leads to their equaliser GOAL!!! Robin 3 - 3 TriColor. Hmm is this it then a three all draw is all the Robin are going to get out of a good display? NOPE! Seventy one minutes in Kyle pops up again in the TriColor box and manages to scramble home his second of the game GOAL!!! Robin 4 - 3 TriColor. The Robin's fight is back it has been missing for so long that I had forgotten what it actually looked like. TriColor where shot, arguing among themselves and looking lacklustre in possession all the Robin had to do was run the clock down, and despite Welshy's best efforts to not "GO TO THE F**KING CORNER" with the ball as the Gaffer put it, They managed to see it out.
Robin Hood 4 - 3 TriColor.
Hell yeah! Two wins on the bounce and what a way to do it to coming back from two nil down showed that all the boys have it in them to perform and even go beyond their own expectations. Long may it continue I say. Come on boys go for your hat trick!
Player Ratings
Quavers - 7
Shaggy - 7
Chrissy - 7
Obi-Wan - 7
Kebab - 7.5
J-LO - 6
Skip - 8
Ali "Sex Pest" Brown - 8
Gattuszola - 9
Pone - 7.5
Kyle - 8
Welshy - 6
Dan - 6
MOM as sponsored by Lucazade and Bananas

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