Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Can't Buy a Goal!!!!!!

Sunday 16/11/08
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Dovecrest
A beautiful Sunday morning and a opportunity for the Robin to put behind them last weeks result and a chance for me to watch some football.
Things did not start according to plan, due to Do-Nut's over indulgence the night before I was sat waiting for my lift like one o'clock half struck, eventually it dawned on me that I would have to walk to the park. Arriving ten minutes after kick off I was greeted with the news that the Robin's day had not started well either and were already 1 - 0 down a first minute goal, defence mix up apparently but I missed it D'OH!!!! Robin Hood 0 - 1 Dovecrest. However Dovecrest did not seem to be offering up much else on the pitch. Charlie on the right had the run of the Dovecrest left back there was no way he could match Charlie's pace. The problems with shape the Robin had last week seem to be better and there was more structure to their play. The Robin begin to dominate the game so much so that even the left back Kebab is up on the edge of Dovecrest's area, GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is Kebab helping the Robin attack but he busts the net that came from out of no where! Take a bow son! Robin 1 - 1 Dovecrest. A boost to the Robin to say the least their possession and attacks seem to be too much for Dovecrest but will they find the killer touch. The Robin continue to pile on the pressure and Skip has a thunderous effort from outside the box that forces Dovecrest's keeper into a good hand stinging save. Half time comes and Robin's domination has yielded no more goals
Robin 1 - 1 Dovecrest
Second half starts much as the first finished with the Robin on top. Efforts come and go, some last ditch blocks and tackles are keeping Dovecrest in it. But there is a feeling that Dovecrest could break and snatch one. The Robin need at least one more to sure this up and justify their domination. Sixty First minute and Robin concede a free kick on the left, crossed in to the box up pops a Dovecrest player at the far post to head home, NO!!!! Robin 1 - 2 Dovercrest. Completely against the run of play Dovecrest regain the lead. Time for the Robin to suck it in and show their metal. The game slips back into familiar territory with all the play with the Robin, they are literally camped in Dovecrest's half. But despite chances that decisive finish is currently alluding them. Dovecrest never really threaten again during the half as the Robin push for the equaliser. Five minutes to go who is a hero......... Unfortunately no one there are chances in the final five for the Robin but they go begging. PEEP PEEP PEEP.
Robin 1 - 2 Dovecrest.
Game over Dovecrest have some how managed to get all three points. The lads will be gutted by this all their efforts, good football, and chances yet they still lose. Frustration is the dominant feeling among the boys, all the money in the world could not buy them a goal today. That said there was still a lot to be encouraged by so chin up and move on.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Adventures in Baby Sitting!!!

Sunday 09/11/08
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Westdale Tavern

First of all let me apologise for the tardiness of this weeks blog. The combination of my own PC going kaput! and cheek of work actually causing me to be busy over the last few days has conspired to create this delay.
Thing is though I am not completely sure what to write about this weeks game? You see I was a little distracted through out by the constant attention of mini Gattuszola. Now those of you that know Gattuszola (Marco Della-Rocca) will know he is a small Mediterranean ball of energy that never seems to run out of steam (I think he could be used as an alternative energy source for the entire country, Take note Gordon Brown!) Well imagine all that energy concentrated into a four year old girl. Mini-Gattuszola is just that Gattuszola's MINI-ME!!!! So I was to take care of the mini tornado while big(ish) Gattuszola took care of business on the park.
So with my multi-tasking windows vista head on its time for the game(s) to begin.
Now the hope was that the Robin would hit the ground running after the cracking last two results. But things seemed different from the start a few heads were not "On It" so to speak, with a little of that maybe coming coming from the fact that Calzaghe had fought (and won, well done son) at 5:00am that morning hmm! Any it was a typical opening few minutes to a Sunday league game but with the Robin struggle to find and maintain shape. Then a sucker punch Westdale Tavern take the lead less than ten minutes into the game!!. At this point the rain began to drive down and I was trying to convince mini-Gattuszola that a tree is nature's umbrella and staying on her feet was a preferable alternative to lying in the mud. Is this the same team I have gushed over in the last two posts, they do not look like it. The never say die attitude of the the recent Sundays has been replaced by something more sinister Empathy!! Empathy with Roy Jones Jnr who was convincingly battered, bruised, and run down by Calzaghe. Because from my sheltered vantage point that's how the robin looked sluggish. Westdale extend their lead further into the first half, no timings or elaborate description I'm afraid as I only just caught the goal whilst going about the other duties tasked to me. Distracted for the rest of the half respite came with the half time whistle. Phew a break. "Three soft goals" wait a minute have i missed something here???? checking with Skip he confirmed that before the end of the half Westdale Tavern had indeed taken their lead to three nil.
Half Time
Robin 0 - 3 Westdale Tavern.
The beginning of the second half, much the same as the first, running around picking mini-Gattuszola of the floor keeping her entertained oh yeah and the Robin were still struggling to find any shape. From what I saw a little of the fighting spirit had returned to the Robin and things were looking better this half. The game ebbed and flowed with neither team making any real chances. GOAL!!!!!!!!!! I managed to see that one Charlie! around the fifty seventh minute mark Robin 1 - 3 Westdale Tavern. Is this the start of a come back worthy of recent performances?? Sadly no. The game carried on, chances were made and missed, I missed things due to my mini charge and the game ended. Sorry lads bad result, heads were down but it is merely a blip.
Can I also apologise to the lads if i missed anything you did in the game that was particularly good and would normally warrant a mention in the blog.
Dovecrest next at home. I promise you'll have my undivided attention this week so make it worth my while and give me reason to enjoy writing about your heroics.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

One for the Cameras

Sunday 02/11/08
Vernon Park
Robin Hood FC v FC Digica
Section Cup
Hmmm the magic of the cup there is nothing like it. Any league pressures are off and the thought of a spectacular cup run enters heads. The Robins first cup game of the season and its at home against opposition they have already played this season in the league. FC Digica are the visitors to the fortress Vernon Park, now when the Robin faced these in the league it was not the best of outcomes as they lost four nil!!!!!!! but there has been something of a revolution over the last couple of weeks and the Robin have developed something that has been missing for a long time. Team spirit, yep I know it sounds like crazy talk but its there you can feel it, touch it, smell it (though that may have been the ruby I had the night before). So expectations were high for the game. Traditional Sunday league weather of light drizzle, bit of wind, and cold were the conditions for the day. The conditions could have been more bearable should the supporters side of the club not have been let down by Porn Stars incompetence in forgetting the tea and coffee tut tut Porn Star. But anyway onto the game!!!!
The first four seconds are dominated by the robin with 100% possession and a shot (off target) from Skip. The Robin look up for it today and everyone out there wants to win. But Digica have not come just to make up the numbers. The game ebbs and flows with Digica using the traditional crazy gang style of hoof it to the lads up front. The Robin have a bit more about there game passing it around trying to keep it on the floor with a lot of the play being dictated by "Young" Ali Brown and Marco Gattuszola Della-Rocca. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ant "Obi -Wan" scrambles the ball into the back of the net vauxhall conference style YEAH!!! who cares its in Robin take the lead. Robin 1 - 0 Digica. It galvanises the Robin and they are playing good football. Digica are not lying down though if the Robin are going to win this they are going to have to battle for every minute of the game. Twenty eight minutes in and Digica's hard work provides dividends as they peg back the Robin. Robin 1 - 1 Digica. How will the Robin react?? WELL that's how the react, they continue to play their game and concentrate on football. Which is even more impressive considering the ref and his seemingly unending ability to get most decision wrong!. Foul, edge of Digica's area the ball is placed discussions happen and Skip runs up and thunders a shot toward goal, its to hot for Digica's keeper to handle. The resulting fumble allows Gazza to nip in on the follow up and bury it in the onion bag GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 1 Digica. The remaining fifteen minutes play out like the rest of the half, back and forth between boxes but neither side find the cutting edge. First half finishes Robin 2 - 1 Digica.
Five minutes into the second half and a hopeful ball up to one of Digica's front men see Wayne doing his job and ushering the striker away from the danger area, PEEEEEEEP!! the refs blown for something, WTF!!! a penalty! where did that come from even Digica's players look confused but are happy to accept this gift. The ref waves away the protest from the Robin. Calmly taken once again Digica equalise (if in a contensious way) Robin 2 - 2 Digica. This causes a little disruption in the Robin ranks and tempers are beging to fray, Keep it together boys!. Digica seem to have be rejuvenated by their equaliser and put pressure on the Robin. The Robin absorb the pressure and look to hit Digica on the break using the frightening pace of Gazza and Charlie. Disaster the Robin switch off allow Digica to sneak in GOAL!!!! Robin 2 - 3 Digica. Now Robin what you going to do, don't let a game in which you lead twice slip away. The afore mentioned team spirit seemed to kick into overdrive at this point and there was no way the Robin are going to let it end like this. Pressure switches and its Robin that are on the hunt now. Eighty minutes a shove from a Digica defender in his own box PEEEEEEEP! Robin Hood penalty. After the way the ref gave Digica there penalty there was no way the Robin were going to turn this down. Gazza places the ball on the spot GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F**K YEAH, Robin 3 - 3 Digica. Can the Robin find the winner with just ten minutes left, if not this is going to extra time! Full time is drawing ever closer when the Robin break. Gazza lightening pace sees him clear off the digica defence on the left hand side, Charlie is belting it to support Gazza. A great square ball across to Charlie, open goal surely! Charlie a hero. WHAT!!! NO! Charlie hit it wide. Gutted. The ref blows. were are going to have another thirty minutes of football people.
Extra time. There are some tired legs out there now. Both sets of players have battled hard over the last ninety minutes. Extra time pans out in a similar fashion to the rest of the game Robin playing some good football but lacking the finishing touch. Digica continue in there style and do force Adam to pull of some cracking saves. One particular fine save where he sprang up like a salmon on migration to deny an excellent effort from Digica (though some would argue it was a bit over dramatic and for the cameras ha ha). Both teams best efforts yield no results, so this game is going to be decided from the penalty spot!!
Penalties the best and worst way to settle a game, today villains will be made and hero's created but which will you be.
The formalities are sorted and its time to get underway.
Digica are first up, Their player runs up strikes the ball SAVE!!!!! Adam quality gets the right side and gets down quick, a bad start for Digica.
First up for the Robin is Gazza, placing the ball.............. GOAL! Robin go 1 - 0 up
Digica's second...................... GOAL!, 1- 1
Next up for the Robin Kebab............... Foot through it GOAL! 2 - 1 to the Robin
Digica's third.......................... GOAL!, 2 - 2
Up steps Gattuszola.......................... No problems the back of the net bulges GOAL!, 3 - 2
Digica's Fourth...................... GOAL!, 3 - 3
Things are getting tense as Chrissy steps up.............. BOSH!!! GOAL! 4 - 3
Digica need to score this to stay in it............ NO!!!! ADAM again great save! Robin have done it the next round of the cup beckons, Robin win 4 -3 on penalties HUZZAH! Next round of the cup and Robin's first win of the season.
Gentlemen enjoy your glory for it it deserved now use this as the springboard to even greater things.
Player Ratings
Adam - 9
Welshy - 9
Obi-Wan - 9
Wayne - 9
Kebab - 9
Skip (J) - 9
"Young" Ali Brown - 9
Charlie The Lob - 9
Pone - 9
Gattuszola - 9
Gazza - 9
Terminator - 9
Chrissy - 9
in association with "Sausage and Bread"
"For the Cameras" ADAM!!!
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