Monday, 22 December 2008

The Guru says NO!!

Sunday 21/12/08
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Backup United
Normally as I walk toward Vernon Park on a Sunday I can hear the usual rumblings of Sunday league footballers. Which basically consists of a lot of swearing and piss taking. Today was different, I got closer and closer to the park and could not hear a thing? Hmm what's going off. My questions were answered as soon as I enter the park proper. The Robin Hood v Back United is the only game here today. Typically all the pitches will have a game on plus there is always a kids game going off, any of you that have been near a kids game of football will know of the amount of noise the parents make egging on little Timmy "TO GET STUCK IN SON!". But non of that the Robin had the park all to themselves.
Backup United are having a very similar season to the Robin, 'Nothing to write home about' Going into the game they were below the Robin but only on goal difference. The Robin have played Backup a considerable amount of times in fact they have been part of the fixtures ever since I started venturing out on a Sunday mornings to watch. So it have the makings of a good game.
Peep Peep and the first half is underway. The Robin start well looking good going forward, lets hope that the finishing touch that eluded them last week returns. That worry is put away early on as eight minutes in J-Lo goes on a mini maze up and hits a low hard shot to the right hand side past the keeper GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 0 Backup. Despite going one nil up the Robin are looking venerable still. The venerability is exposed on fifteen minutes as Backup break GOAL!!! The back four are not happy. Robin 1 - 1 Backup. The equaliser has rocked the Robin somewhat nineteen minutes Backup gain a throw in on the right, a long run up followed by a long throw in to the Robin's area cause the Robin's defence to be at 6's and 7's Backup take advantage and take the lead GOAL!!! Robin 1 - 2 Backup. The game is very open there is definitely more goals in this one. The Robin rally and are award a free kick from the left on the twenty first minute. Ali "sex pest" Brown drills a curling ball into Backup's six yard box GOAL!!!! its hit the back of the net, Kebab runs off claiming the goal with Ali disputing that anyone got a touch and it went in directly off his free kick, later in the pub the goal will be awarded to Kebab but who cares. Robin 2 - 2 Backup. The Robin are giving Backup's number twelve far too much room to play and he is with out doubt Backup's best player. The Robin make the mistake of inviting Backup on to them, a Backup player lets rip with a low drive from outside the area which flash low and hard across the Robin's goal despite his dive Adam can do nothing about it as the ball settles in the back of the net twenty six minutes gone GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 3 Backup. To say this game is going back and forth would be an understatement, the ref is coming under some stick for questionable decision. Two minutes to go and Robin have a corner, can they make it count, another excellent delivery by Ali "sex pest" Brown, sees Skip connect with a powerful header giving Backup's keeper no chance GOAL!!! Robin 3 - 3 Backup. That's the last action of the half. Phew what a half!
Time for the second half and Kyle is replaced by Gattuszola up front. Lets see if this half is as crazy as the first, it would not disappoint. The midfield for the robin is operating well though not affording the level of protection for the back four they should. Fifthy fourth minute Ali "sex pest" Brown finds himself on the left hand side of Backup's box with Gattuszola powering into the box GOAL!!! Great ball in by Ali "sex pest" Brown and a quality diving header (there are not enough in the game) by Gattuszola. Robin 4 - 3 Backup. The Robin get back there lead how will they cope. Just eight minutes after gaining the lead the Robin capitulate again allowing Backup back into it Goal!!! Robin 4 - 4 Backup. Arrgh! what's going on, the Robin are shaken and heads have gone, once again there is confusion in the Robin's box the ball is not cleared away, sixty nine minutes GOAL!!! Obi-Wan O.G. NO!!! if it were not for bad luck the Robin would have no luck at all. Robin 4 - 5 Backup. The Robin need to dig deep, with the way this game is going there is more goals to be had and on the eighty second minute the Robin's prayers are answered when Skip pops up in Backup's area to poach and equaliser GOAL!!! Robin 5 - 5 Backup. Thank god for that, well thank Skip for scoring, its at this point that the Gaffer is thinking that he could bring himself up front to snatch the winner, the Guru soon puts pay to that idea. Peep Peep full time what a game five five that's a playground score.
Player Ratings
Adam - 6
Welshy - 6
Obi-Wan - 7
Wayne - 9
Kebab - 7
Chrissy - 7
Ali "sex pest" Brown - 8
Skip - 8
J-Lo - 8.5
Pone - 6
Kyle - 5
Gattuszola - 7.5
The Robin Hood MAN OF THE MATCH sponsored by the fruit machine in the lounge
Right everyone who is out xmas eve in the Robin you need to be on form as there will be a special edition blog, to recount your xmas eve shenanigans (up to the point I can remember) so i want you all on your baddest behaviour bring on Santa!!!!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Double Robbery at Local Park!!!

Sunday 14/12/08
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Tricolore

Vernon Park but its an away game, No sausage and bread Bugger!. OK its kinda cold but not as bad as last week, the game is on for a start but that does mean no beer + brekkie combo at spoons. So a Mickey-D's will have to do.

Where is everybody?? The Robin Hood's squad is some what depleted today. But the boys are troopers hopefully some of the momentum from the win over Station Hotel two weeks ago is still flowing through the boys... Lets see.

Peep Peep, and the game is under way. Robin start well knocking the ball about confidently, Tricolore don't look like they have much to offer, but they have won four games leading up to this one. The half continues and the Robin go in search of the cutting edge that has been so intermitent this season. Cammy "Terminator" is running his heart out and showing what a engine he has. Oppotunities come and go but that decisive finish is missing. More good work for the Robin comes from the wing where Ben "J-Lo" is haveing a cracking half tracking back as well as attacking. Adam is having a quiet half in the sticks due to the efforts of the boys in front of him, and saying that Tricolore's keeper has not really been troubled either. The half pans out pretty uneventfuly and the half time whistle goes.

Robin Hood 0 - 0 Tricolore.

If the first half was handed back to the studio for the pundits to analyse they would say that the Robin probably edged it by having the better of the half and if they can turn that slight advantage into a goal they would go on to win it. Or Jamie Redknapp would just say something daft and get a interesting look from Richard keyes.

Anyway enough of that nonsense its time for the second half.

The second half starts where the first left off, with the Robin probing (ooh er!) Tricolore looking for the opening goal that they know they have in them. Sixty minutes, against the run of play and Tricolore take the lead GOAL!!!!!! What happened they have not threaten all game! Arrgh!

Robin Hood 0 - 1 Tricolore. Lets see how the Robin respond. Heads look down this is not a good sign. J-Lo and Terminator continue their excellent games showing the quality they had in the first half. But the Robin are looking a little sluggish, and a sucker punch comes on the seventy second minute, a ball driven into the Robin's box, Tricolore players gets his head to it, GOAL!!!!! F**K! Robin Hood 0 - 2 Tricolore. The Robin are disconbobulated, Kebab is not happy at the back and he is letting everyone know it. Robin's efforts are laboured and six minutes after conceding the second they give up a third, GOAL!!! Robin Hood 0 - 3 Tricolore. This scoreline is flattering Tricolore and that is not an understatment, Robin are ruing missed oppotunities. The finishing touch has dessereted them for another week. Too inconsistent is the Robin's ability to put the ball in the back of the net. Goal!!!!! Late on an own goal gives Robin a little bit of honour back on a scoreline that in all honesty is underserved. Robin Hood 1 - 3 Tricolore.

Back at the Robin and the lads disect the game and their own performances, gutted is the atmosphere, but non more gutted than Pone. Not only had the Robin been robbed with the result, but Pone was actually ROBBED, tracky bottoms containing a mobile phone, forty quid, and an item of immense sentimental value GONE. But fair dues to him he took it in his stride and rode out the piss taking from the other lads.

Player Ratings

Adam - 5

Welshy - 7

Terminator - 8

Kebab - 6

Chrissy Sykes - 6

J-Lo - 8.5

Ali "Sex Pest" Brown - 7

Charlie - 6

Kyle - 7

Pone - 7


Skip - 6

Shaggy - 6.5

The Pickled Onions and Crisps on the bar Man of the Match


(Finally a quick apology to Shaggy, I would like to apologise for taking ten minutes out of my day to school you at pool ha ha, you did not think I'd write this whole thing without mentioning it!)

Monday, 8 December 2008

Full English and a Beer Please Love

Sunday 07/12/08
Witherspoons Mapperly Top!!!!!
Quarter finals of the Section Cup, and its cold, really cold. A nice drive in the country side taking in this green and pleasant land and we arrive in Calverton!!! Jack Frost had made it before us and had spread a generous coating of ice all over the pitch, its unlikely to thaw that, games off!!!. Boo. The lads are disappointed, but there is a plan. "Right you lot, get in ya motors we are off to the new Witherspoons on Mapperly top for a full English and a bevvie" The 24 hour licencing laws not so daft now are they.
Now it looks as if all of the Sunday league games in Nottingham had been called off, the whole pub was packed with Sunday morning gladiators glad to be in out the cold and all discussing what excuse to use with the missus for having a beer at this time on a Sunday morning.
The Boys pile in and soon the tills are ringing to the sound of a thousand farm house breakfasts being ordered. Seats are allocated, well first come first serve, though Wayne gets his choice of course. Before you know it the banter starts to fly with the usual name calling, the questioning of each others sexuality, and general tall tales of drinking exploits. Soon the breakfasts start to arrive and Wayne begins to regal us with tales from his past that leave us crying with laughter and stood / sat in amazement, the after dinner speaking circuit is definitely a career option for him. Adam is last to get his breakfast despite being the loudest, but not sure he enjoyed it as spent most of the time eating it while keeping an eye on the vultures around him who were just looking to pick off a sausage.
Bellies full, the disappointment of the canceled game is fading and a satisfied look crosses the lads faces. Oh to be a teenager again the young lads have made their minds up they are going to the park anyway for a kick about and a game of Premiership Knock Out (what ever happened to plain old knock out) Where as the old heads are having non of it. Well time to head for the Robin and on the way have "Young" Ali Brown reveal what a wimp he is openly admitting that even to slightest punch would send him off crying!!.
Player Ratings
Wayne - 1,000,000
Adam - minus 3
Kebab - Smells
Pone - 2 (one for each tassel on his hat!)
J-Lo - 13
Kyle Minogue - 6.7842333
Welshy - Foreign
Ali "Sex Pest" Brown - 69
Charlie - 550bhp
The Gaffer - Short
The Guru - Big
Obi-Wan - Obi-1
Chrissy - In the top 6
Skip - ?????
Gattuszola - Over enthusiastic
Do-Nut - 0 (never really turned up)
Blog Boy - Lost somewhere in that sleeping bag he calls a coat!
Excellent skills keeping everyone alert and laughing through the whole morning
As it was a cup game that was postponed it has been re-arranged for next week 14/12/08.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Fucking Late, Fucking Cold, Fucking Hell!!!

Sunday 30/11/08
Nabbs Lane 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Station Hotel
!!!!bang Bang BANG!!!!! three loud knocks on The Gaffer's bedroom door, and a shout of "Glen its 9:05!!", "Fucking Hell" was the reply and that's how the Sunday started. Looks like the nights revelry's had taken hold of The Gaffer, too much was the winning performance by PornStar Paul on the "Xmas Factor", over awed by his Elvis tribute with Blog Boy, and just down right bemused by The Guru's and Blog Boys "Road to Amarillo" dance around the whole of the Robin's lounge had all combined to make The Gaffer over sleep on a Sunday for the first time in a very very very long time!!!
After a mad dash and The Guru tutting and tapping his watch we were on our way, a quick stop at the Robin's car park to pick up a few others then off to deepest, darkest Hucknall!!!!
Today's oppo Station Hotel go into this game top of the league with only two defeats so far this season. Standing freezing outside listening to The Gaffer's rallying cry geeing up the boys, which was needed as many of them were nursing hangovers.
OK, time for kick off. Typical start to a Sunday league affair with each team trying to suss each other out. Despite the League detailing a gulf in class between the two teams (on paper at least) The Robin are holding there own with a impressive work rate to match. Talking to Do-Nut on the sidelines I comment on how impressed I was that it is quarter of an hour into the first half and the Robin are yet to concede (a little pessimistic I suppose lol). Eighteen minutes in and The Robin are award a free kick half way into Station's half on the right hand side. The lads gather in the box and Skip stands over the ball. Any one who has ever seen Skip play knows he has a hammer of a left foot on him, not to disappoint he thunders the ball into the danger area Station's keeper fumbles the ball a scramble ensues and up pops Pone to drive home a 40mm stunner GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Station 0 - 1 Robin. (Fuck!!! I owe Pone a pint now!!! stupid bet). Well I did not see that coming, The Robin look ten foot tall after the goal and everyone is putting in the fabled 110%. Twenty one minutes in and the Robin get another free kick again Skip stand over it ready to deliver. Another powerful effort into the box, GOAL!!!!! A great header, how did he beat the keeper, shame it was not a Robin head on it cause they would have been bragging about it in the pub for weeks. Own Goal, a shell shocked Station stand in dis-belief. Station 0 - 2 Robin. This is the first time the Robin have had a two goal advantage this season, lets see what they do from here. The game goes back and forth with the Robin looking the more dangerous and the Station not living up to their top of the table stats. Thirty two minutes, Station make a break into the box, Kebab comes across to intercept and slides in for the challenge, PEEP PEEP, Penalty the Robin are stunned but the Ref waves away the protest. GOAL!!!! Station draw one back from the penalty spot, this is going to be a real test of Robin's metal. The first half ends with things pretty much the same as they had been through out the half.
Second half, kicks off and the Station know what they have to do. The Robins work rate is commendable. Station are offering a bit more in this half so the Robin have some defending to do. the first part of the second half plays out with Station attacking with the Robin hitting them on the counter. Considering the hangovers this is the best I have seen them play since the four four draw with Pheasant Inn. The latter part of the second half is different as Station go in search of an equaliser, but the Robin working well as a unit are keeping them out. This continues and Adam is forced to make some cracking (if with slight suspicion for the cameras) saves to keep Station at bay. The ninety minutes is up and the ref seems to be playing endless injury time. The Robin gain a throw in on the left hand side, the gaffer is screaming at Kebab to throw it to the corner to waste time. Ignoring the Gaffer's instruction, Kebab launches one Delap style into Station's box, Skip manages to bring it down, turn on a sixpence and bury into to roof of the net!! GOAL!!!!! Station 1 - 3 Robin. After what seems like for ever the ref blows up for full time. MAGIC. Robin have beat top of the league and got their first league win of the season. The boys are jubilant and the celebrations are taken back to the Robin a great atmosphere and banter ensues.
Be proud of yourselves boys great result and it shows you that you have what it takes. This should be the catalyst for the rest of the season. Quarter finals of the cup next, COME ON LADS lets bring back some silverware this year!!!
Player Ratings
Adam - 9
Terminator - 8
Wayne - 8
Obi-Wan - 8
Kebab - 8
Charlie - 7
Skip - 10
"Young" Ali Brown - 7
Ben Ten - 9
Pone - 9
Kyle - 9

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Can't Buy a Goal!!!!!!

Sunday 16/11/08
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Dovecrest
A beautiful Sunday morning and a opportunity for the Robin to put behind them last weeks result and a chance for me to watch some football.
Things did not start according to plan, due to Do-Nut's over indulgence the night before I was sat waiting for my lift like one o'clock half struck, eventually it dawned on me that I would have to walk to the park. Arriving ten minutes after kick off I was greeted with the news that the Robin's day had not started well either and were already 1 - 0 down a first minute goal, defence mix up apparently but I missed it D'OH!!!! Robin Hood 0 - 1 Dovecrest. However Dovecrest did not seem to be offering up much else on the pitch. Charlie on the right had the run of the Dovecrest left back there was no way he could match Charlie's pace. The problems with shape the Robin had last week seem to be better and there was more structure to their play. The Robin begin to dominate the game so much so that even the left back Kebab is up on the edge of Dovecrest's area, GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is Kebab helping the Robin attack but he busts the net that came from out of no where! Take a bow son! Robin 1 - 1 Dovecrest. A boost to the Robin to say the least their possession and attacks seem to be too much for Dovecrest but will they find the killer touch. The Robin continue to pile on the pressure and Skip has a thunderous effort from outside the box that forces Dovecrest's keeper into a good hand stinging save. Half time comes and Robin's domination has yielded no more goals
Robin 1 - 1 Dovecrest
Second half starts much as the first finished with the Robin on top. Efforts come and go, some last ditch blocks and tackles are keeping Dovecrest in it. But there is a feeling that Dovecrest could break and snatch one. The Robin need at least one more to sure this up and justify their domination. Sixty First minute and Robin concede a free kick on the left, crossed in to the box up pops a Dovecrest player at the far post to head home, NO!!!! Robin 1 - 2 Dovercrest. Completely against the run of play Dovecrest regain the lead. Time for the Robin to suck it in and show their metal. The game slips back into familiar territory with all the play with the Robin, they are literally camped in Dovecrest's half. But despite chances that decisive finish is currently alluding them. Dovecrest never really threaten again during the half as the Robin push for the equaliser. Five minutes to go who is a hero......... Unfortunately no one there are chances in the final five for the Robin but they go begging. PEEP PEEP PEEP.
Robin 1 - 2 Dovecrest.
Game over Dovecrest have some how managed to get all three points. The lads will be gutted by this all their efforts, good football, and chances yet they still lose. Frustration is the dominant feeling among the boys, all the money in the world could not buy them a goal today. That said there was still a lot to be encouraged by so chin up and move on.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Adventures in Baby Sitting!!!

Sunday 09/11/08
Vernon Park 10:30am
Robin Hood FC v Westdale Tavern

First of all let me apologise for the tardiness of this weeks blog. The combination of my own PC going kaput! and cheek of work actually causing me to be busy over the last few days has conspired to create this delay.
Thing is though I am not completely sure what to write about this weeks game? You see I was a little distracted through out by the constant attention of mini Gattuszola. Now those of you that know Gattuszola (Marco Della-Rocca) will know he is a small Mediterranean ball of energy that never seems to run out of steam (I think he could be used as an alternative energy source for the entire country, Take note Gordon Brown!) Well imagine all that energy concentrated into a four year old girl. Mini-Gattuszola is just that Gattuszola's MINI-ME!!!! So I was to take care of the mini tornado while big(ish) Gattuszola took care of business on the park.
So with my multi-tasking windows vista head on its time for the game(s) to begin.
Now the hope was that the Robin would hit the ground running after the cracking last two results. But things seemed different from the start a few heads were not "On It" so to speak, with a little of that maybe coming coming from the fact that Calzaghe had fought (and won, well done son) at 5:00am that morning hmm! Any it was a typical opening few minutes to a Sunday league game but with the Robin struggle to find and maintain shape. Then a sucker punch Westdale Tavern take the lead less than ten minutes into the game!!. At this point the rain began to drive down and I was trying to convince mini-Gattuszola that a tree is nature's umbrella and staying on her feet was a preferable alternative to lying in the mud. Is this the same team I have gushed over in the last two posts, they do not look like it. The never say die attitude of the the recent Sundays has been replaced by something more sinister Empathy!! Empathy with Roy Jones Jnr who was convincingly battered, bruised, and run down by Calzaghe. Because from my sheltered vantage point that's how the robin looked sluggish. Westdale extend their lead further into the first half, no timings or elaborate description I'm afraid as I only just caught the goal whilst going about the other duties tasked to me. Distracted for the rest of the half respite came with the half time whistle. Phew a break. "Three soft goals" wait a minute have i missed something here???? checking with Skip he confirmed that before the end of the half Westdale Tavern had indeed taken their lead to three nil.
Half Time
Robin 0 - 3 Westdale Tavern.
The beginning of the second half, much the same as the first, running around picking mini-Gattuszola of the floor keeping her entertained oh yeah and the Robin were still struggling to find any shape. From what I saw a little of the fighting spirit had returned to the Robin and things were looking better this half. The game ebbed and flowed with neither team making any real chances. GOAL!!!!!!!!!! I managed to see that one Charlie! around the fifty seventh minute mark Robin 1 - 3 Westdale Tavern. Is this the start of a come back worthy of recent performances?? Sadly no. The game carried on, chances were made and missed, I missed things due to my mini charge and the game ended. Sorry lads bad result, heads were down but it is merely a blip.
Can I also apologise to the lads if i missed anything you did in the game that was particularly good and would normally warrant a mention in the blog.
Dovecrest next at home. I promise you'll have my undivided attention this week so make it worth my while and give me reason to enjoy writing about your heroics.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

One for the Cameras

Sunday 02/11/08
Vernon Park
Robin Hood FC v FC Digica
Section Cup
Hmmm the magic of the cup there is nothing like it. Any league pressures are off and the thought of a spectacular cup run enters heads. The Robins first cup game of the season and its at home against opposition they have already played this season in the league. FC Digica are the visitors to the fortress Vernon Park, now when the Robin faced these in the league it was not the best of outcomes as they lost four nil!!!!!!! but there has been something of a revolution over the last couple of weeks and the Robin have developed something that has been missing for a long time. Team spirit, yep I know it sounds like crazy talk but its there you can feel it, touch it, smell it (though that may have been the ruby I had the night before). So expectations were high for the game. Traditional Sunday league weather of light drizzle, bit of wind, and cold were the conditions for the day. The conditions could have been more bearable should the supporters side of the club not have been let down by Porn Stars incompetence in forgetting the tea and coffee tut tut Porn Star. But anyway onto the game!!!!
The first four seconds are dominated by the robin with 100% possession and a shot (off target) from Skip. The Robin look up for it today and everyone out there wants to win. But Digica have not come just to make up the numbers. The game ebbs and flows with Digica using the traditional crazy gang style of hoof it to the lads up front. The Robin have a bit more about there game passing it around trying to keep it on the floor with a lot of the play being dictated by "Young" Ali Brown and Marco Gattuszola Della-Rocca. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ant "Obi -Wan" scrambles the ball into the back of the net vauxhall conference style YEAH!!! who cares its in Robin take the lead. Robin 1 - 0 Digica. It galvanises the Robin and they are playing good football. Digica are not lying down though if the Robin are going to win this they are going to have to battle for every minute of the game. Twenty eight minutes in and Digica's hard work provides dividends as they peg back the Robin. Robin 1 - 1 Digica. How will the Robin react?? WELL that's how the react, they continue to play their game and concentrate on football. Which is even more impressive considering the ref and his seemingly unending ability to get most decision wrong!. Foul, edge of Digica's area the ball is placed discussions happen and Skip runs up and thunders a shot toward goal, its to hot for Digica's keeper to handle. The resulting fumble allows Gazza to nip in on the follow up and bury it in the onion bag GOAL!!! Robin 2 - 1 Digica. The remaining fifteen minutes play out like the rest of the half, back and forth between boxes but neither side find the cutting edge. First half finishes Robin 2 - 1 Digica.
Five minutes into the second half and a hopeful ball up to one of Digica's front men see Wayne doing his job and ushering the striker away from the danger area, PEEEEEEEP!! the refs blown for something, WTF!!! a penalty! where did that come from even Digica's players look confused but are happy to accept this gift. The ref waves away the protest from the Robin. Calmly taken once again Digica equalise (if in a contensious way) Robin 2 - 2 Digica. This causes a little disruption in the Robin ranks and tempers are beging to fray, Keep it together boys!. Digica seem to have be rejuvenated by their equaliser and put pressure on the Robin. The Robin absorb the pressure and look to hit Digica on the break using the frightening pace of Gazza and Charlie. Disaster the Robin switch off allow Digica to sneak in GOAL!!!! Robin 2 - 3 Digica. Now Robin what you going to do, don't let a game in which you lead twice slip away. The afore mentioned team spirit seemed to kick into overdrive at this point and there was no way the Robin are going to let it end like this. Pressure switches and its Robin that are on the hunt now. Eighty minutes a shove from a Digica defender in his own box PEEEEEEEP! Robin Hood penalty. After the way the ref gave Digica there penalty there was no way the Robin were going to turn this down. Gazza places the ball on the spot GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F**K YEAH, Robin 3 - 3 Digica. Can the Robin find the winner with just ten minutes left, if not this is going to extra time! Full time is drawing ever closer when the Robin break. Gazza lightening pace sees him clear off the digica defence on the left hand side, Charlie is belting it to support Gazza. A great square ball across to Charlie, open goal surely! Charlie a hero. WHAT!!! NO! Charlie hit it wide. Gutted. The ref blows. were are going to have another thirty minutes of football people.
Extra time. There are some tired legs out there now. Both sets of players have battled hard over the last ninety minutes. Extra time pans out in a similar fashion to the rest of the game Robin playing some good football but lacking the finishing touch. Digica continue in there style and do force Adam to pull of some cracking saves. One particular fine save where he sprang up like a salmon on migration to deny an excellent effort from Digica (though some would argue it was a bit over dramatic and for the cameras ha ha). Both teams best efforts yield no results, so this game is going to be decided from the penalty spot!!
Penalties the best and worst way to settle a game, today villains will be made and hero's created but which will you be.
The formalities are sorted and its time to get underway.
Digica are first up, Their player runs up strikes the ball SAVE!!!!! Adam quality gets the right side and gets down quick, a bad start for Digica.
First up for the Robin is Gazza, placing the ball.............. GOAL! Robin go 1 - 0 up
Digica's second...................... GOAL!, 1- 1
Next up for the Robin Kebab............... Foot through it GOAL! 2 - 1 to the Robin
Digica's third.......................... GOAL!, 2 - 2
Up steps Gattuszola.......................... No problems the back of the net bulges GOAL!, 3 - 2
Digica's Fourth...................... GOAL!, 3 - 3
Things are getting tense as Chrissy steps up.............. BOSH!!! GOAL! 4 - 3
Digica need to score this to stay in it............ NO!!!! ADAM again great save! Robin have done it the next round of the cup beckons, Robin win 4 -3 on penalties HUZZAH! Next round of the cup and Robin's first win of the season.
Gentlemen enjoy your glory for it it deserved now use this as the springboard to even greater things.
Player Ratings
Adam - 9
Welshy - 9
Obi-Wan - 9
Wayne - 9
Kebab - 9
Skip (J) - 9
"Young" Ali Brown - 9
Charlie The Lob - 9
Pone - 9
Gattuszola - 9
Gazza - 9
Terminator - 9
Chrissy - 9
in association with "Sausage and Bread"
"For the Cameras" ADAM!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

From where I stood it looked like it was going over.

Sunday 26/10/08
Ellis Guilford School
Pheasant Inn Sunday v Robin Hood FC
Cor blimey guv'nor, you'll never Adam and Eve it, the Robin have managed to have two games in a row!! Well that's worth a good old knees up!!! Blah! Sorry bout that came over all Cheeky Cockney!! But its true for once the Robin Hood don't have a break after a previous game which is just what they need, the opportunity to form some sort of consistency. What a better place to test themselves than at top of the table Pheasant Inn Sunday, who's record going into the game was played four, WON!!! FOUR, scored twenty one, and conceded eight, a formidable start to the season and on paper would have had this down as a banker for them given Robins start to the season.
So to the game, The pitch at Ellis Guilford was top draw flat and recently mowed, perfect for football. Like the few games already gone the Robin start on a front foot forcing in corner after only two minutes, a delivery from "Young" Ali Brown sees Jay (Skip) head just wide. Positive stuff from the Robin and it continues on six minutes when good football ends in a cross from the left, but again the resulting effort on goal goes wide. More pressure and another header wide by Skip, The Pheasant are not offering much in midfield but it becomes apparent that the two young strikers up front and fast and good little footballers, this being the case the Pheasant seek every opportunity to launch it toward them. Eight minutes and this is turning into a fast paced match as "Young" Ali Brown work a long range effort for their keeper to save the resulting break from the Pheasant see them go closest so far with the ball coming off the wood work. Quite a battle this is shaping up to be. Nine minutes GOAL!!!! The Robin score huzzah cheers ring out NO NO the ref has pulled it back OFFSIDE!! protests are waved away the game remains 0 - 0. Another long ball over the top to one of the Pheasant's strikers this time it works GOAL!!! Pheasant 1 - 0 Robin. The Robin disappointed as their own effort had been disallowed, but the Gaffer and the Guru are not gonna let them put their heads down. OH F**K!!! three minutes after Pheasant's first goal a cross comes into the Robin box and bosh! GOAL!!!. Pheasant 2 - 0 Robin. Motivation Robin that's what you need, its a set back but the game is far from over. Corner kick to the Robin, Kebab up from the back see his effort fly wide. Twenty six minutes Gazza one on one with the keeper but fails to capitalise. This good work continues, thirty five minutes and Skip again just wide, a goal is coming its just a matter of time surely!!! Thirty Nine minutes Robin break a deft ball from Gazza to Gattuszola, F**KING!!! YEAH!!! GOAL!!!. Pheasant 2 - 1 Robin. The wind is at the Robins backs now will they use it. More pressure but no more goals, first half ends Pheasant 2 - 1 Robin.
The Robin need to use the moment gained at the end of the second half and go in search of the equaliser. Unfortunately a contentious back passed decision from the ref see the Robin concede a free kick just yards from goal. Smashed into the back of the net by The Pheasant not the start to the second half Robin wanted. Pheasant 3 - 1 Robin. Surely this is the point the Robin's heads go down and it becomes a case of damage limitation. NO! fifty second minute great football and individual ability and the Pheasants defence is ripped apart for Charlie to finish, GET IN! GOAL!! Pheasant 3 - 2 Robin. The game becomes very much end to end stuff both teams having chances and Adam pulling of a fine fingertip save. What the F**k! GOAL!!!! Charlie again a great ball over the Pheasant's defence from Obi-Wan and Charlie from a tight angle lobs the keeper. "From where I stood it looked like it was going over" was the general consensus on the sideline. Great goal magic! Pheasant 3 - 3 Robin. The Robin are buoyed by their equaliser and continue to work hard. Seventy eight minutes and a superb individual effort sees the Pheasant regain their lead. Pheasant 4 - 3 Robin. Well it was a good effort lads, but these are top of the table so there would be no shame if it finished this way its been a great team performance. The Robin were not finished, hell no there was no way they were giving this up they had worked to hard!! The Robin's just desserts came at the latest time possible ninety minutes, another ball over the top of the Pheasant defence and GAZZA finishes it YEEEEEEAAAAAH!!!!!! there is jubilation and dancing on the sidelines brilliant!!! Pheasant 4 - 4 Robin. No time left the ref blows up and the Robin are clearly delighted with the result but they should be more pleased by the display, brave, determined, and a never say die attitude that has been lacking in the Robin as of late. Well done boys you deserve this, the first team to take anything off the Pheasant this season. Lets hope this is the spring board for even better results. Lets hope so.
Gentlemen you were a joy to watch today and should be proud of yourself.
Player Ratings
Adam - 8
Wheshy - 8
Obi-Wan - 8
Wayne - 8
Kebab - 8
Skip (J) - 8
"Young" Ali Brown - 8
Charlie The Lob - 8
Pone - 8
Gattuszola - 8
Gazza - 8
Kyle - 8
As award by The Pheasant Inn
"Young" Ali Brown

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Messing About on the River

Sunday 19/10/08
Victoria Embankment
Dovecrest v Robin Hood FC
Two weeks, two bloody weeks and no game whats that all about!!! Well after a significant lay off for the international break (not sure what countries any of our boys were playing for, though I'm sure I saw Downsey come on for Heskey against Belarus?!?) It was finally time for the Robin to play another league game. So the stage was set, Victoria Embankment next to the picturesque River Trent (hmm!) Opponents Dovecrest, who like the Robin had yet to experience the joy of winning this season. Dovecrest were understrength in fact they were one player short, but showing the determination that so embodies the Sunday league spirit they were still up for it. The Robin were also missing influential goalkeeper Adam, but bravely Chrissy Sykes steps up to the challenge.
So the time rolls round and the geriatric ref gets the game underway (no doubt oxygen on standby)
The first minute and Della has a effort after early pressure straight from kick off. Things are looking good for the Robin in the opening encounters of the half and after ten minutes some good work from Powne down the left sees his shot go out for a corner. OOOH! almost for the Robin Marco and Charlie combine but Dovecrest manage to clear it off the line. Despite the good work for the first fifthteen minutes the seventeenth minute brings what can only be described as a soft soft goal, some shocking defending from the Robin and they find themselves 1 - 0 down. Dovecrest 1 - 0 Robin Hood. A shock for the robin as a mere three minutes later they go 2 - 0 down after a moment of madness from stand in keep Chrissy. Its 68 days till Christmas but Dovecrest were happy to accept an early gift from the Robin. Dovecrest 2 - 0 Robin Hood. Ok ok now is the time for the Robin to pull together and make their numerical advantage count. A turn of pace on the thirty third minute from Charlie sees him clear of the Dovecrest defenders but a good bit of goal keeping denies him a goal. More pressure is put on by the Robin resulting in two long range efforts just before the end of the half from "Young" Ali Brown and Ant "Obi-Wan" Sykes both not getting the desired result. Half time Robin trail by two goals.
The second half starts as the first ended with the Robin pressing their advantage, a good switch from left to right from Welshy give Della a chance on the forty seventh minute but his shot is saved. The forty ninth minute brings just what the Robin needed as the ref awards the Robin a penalty!!! Huzzah the cries ring from the sidelines, this is the turning point of the game. "Young" Ali Brown steps up take it D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!! Dovecrest's keeper saves it NOOO! FFS!! what do the Robin have to do to score. Pressure keeps building surely the Robin will score, fifty nine minutes Della breaks through but sees his shot sail over the bar. Sixty fourth minute and "Young" Ali Brown thunders a shot against the upright! The frustration palpable it fills the air. BREAKTHROUGH!!! finally the Robin hit the back of the net sixty eight minutes and Gazza manages to stare the ball home! Dovecrest 2 - 1 Robin Hood. Sadly the equaliser is not to come, the Robin pile on the pressure in the remaining twenty minutes but Gazza's goal remains their sole contribution to the score line. The game ends and it is obvious the lads are not happy they know it should have been different but mistakes and the inability to finish were the deciding factors in today's game.
So the Robin continue to look for their first win of the season, its coming I know it and when it does it will be the avalanche to start the season really going.
Player Ratings
Chrissy Sykes - 6
Terminator - 7
Downsey - 6
Wayne - 6
Kebab - 6
Powne - 7
"Young" Ali Brown - 7
Obi-Wan - 7
Welshy - 8
Gattuzola -7
Charlie - 6
Gazza - 6

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What No Burger VAN!!!

Sunday 28/09/08

Clifton Playing Fields


FC Digica v Robin Hood FC

Ah! Clifton playing fields means only one thing the Dirty Burger Van, poor quality meat, rubber cheese, and even poorer tasting tea! but that's the charm of it all. The disappointment was too much the Burger Van was not there!!! NOOOOOO! Nothing for it will just have to watch the game burger-less.

A grey Sunday morning, the threat of rain hanging over the game, but overall a nice enough morning not cold just right. No doubt the brisk cold mornings will soon be upon us adding that little extra element to watching Sunday League Football.

So after a week with no game it was time for the Robin Hood to get back to the all important matter of a competitive league game and get some points in the bag. Digica had won their first game of the season but otherwise were an unknown quantity to the Robin. 10:30 rolled round and it was time to get the game underway. Within the first two minutes the chaotic tone was set as a mix up in the Robin defence leads to a narrow miss for Digica. The Robin see a couple of early chances from Obi-Wan and "Young" Ali Brown saved by Digica's keeper. Then disaster seven minutes in a long ball from the back causes panic in the Robin defence and they fall apart GOAL!!! for digica. FC Digica 1 - 0 Robin Hood. Not the best start its early in the game but things are looking decidedly shaky for the Robin and all thoughts of playing a good passing game seem to have been replaced by the obsession to lump it. Twelve minutes Digica break the Robin defence again to score but controversy the linesman had flagged for offside, an offside which was plainly seen by everyone on the touch line, but the Referee dismissed all protests claiming the player was onside, GOAL!!! given. FC Digica 2 - 0 Robin Hood. This seemed to enrage the Robin into motivation and they began to play a bit. Eighteen minutes a long throw see Gazza miss at the far post and on twenty minutes in the words of Jules "Ali shanked it over an open goal". The Robin continue to have chances with Gazza going close again only for the keeper to get a slight touch past the post. Thirty minutes and surely the breakthrough the Robin had been waiting for, Penalty!!! up steps Chrissy Sykes the penalty is struck well enough, but despair as it cannons off the right post. Half time FC Digica 2 - 0 Robin Hood, not the best half at all.
The second half starts and the Robin are on the front foot, surely they will be much better this half. More efforts from the Robin go begging. Some personnel changes sparks a bit of life into the Robin and they start to play football, this is it the Robin are going to get back into this game. The second half ebbs and flows but no goal comes for the Robin. Its getting late and the Robin are being eluded by this goal. Disaster!!! eighty fifth minute the defence errors of the first half appear again as the Robin defence fails to deal with a long ball from the back Digica striker slots home. FC Digica 3 - 0 Robin Hood. Things get worse for the Robin when a carbon copy of the last goal makes it FC Digica 4 - 0 Robin Hood. A comedy of errors at the back caused the Robin all their problems and the lack of the killer touch up front lead to a flattering scoreline for FC Digica which does not give the full impression of the game.
Ah well, Rome was not built in a day the Robin Hood will get their first win, and hopefully that will have a snow balling effect. No Game next week, so a training session to see if the Gaffer and the Guru can iron out the wrinkles that caused the problems this week.
Man of the match for the Robin awarded by FC DIGICA
Marco "GattuZola" Della-Rocca
Player Ratings
Adam - 5
Chrissy - 6
Downsey - 5
Shaggy - 5
Kebab - 7
Swiney - 6
"Young" Ali Brown - 7
Jay "Skip" - 6
GattuZola - 6
Obi-Wan - 6
Gazza - 6
Welshy - 6
Ben - 7

Monday, 22 September 2008

Out Jumping Downsey

Out Jumping Downesy,
Blog-Boy's Morning Training with the Robin Hood
Sunday 21/09/08

No Game, Training Woodthorpe Park

Ok ok, Sunday morning and no game again!!! A alignment in the stars and Jupiter passing through Uranus have combined to give the Robin Hood a buy into the next round of the cup. This being the case it meant a free Sunday, not that it would be a opportunity for the lads to relax as the Gaffer organised a training session.

I considered this the perfect opportunity to join in and show the lads how deadly a left shin could truly be. The Gaffer had a few ideas in his head on how to make the training before a mini game "Fun". A good turn out saw the Gaffer and the Guru split us into two teams of seven. I was on Ant (Obi-Wan's) side called (surprisingly The Obi-Ones, get it its a play on words ha ha hmm anyway) our opposition was lead by the Robin Hood's very own Gattuso, Zola hybrid Marco (Della's Warriors). After a light jogging and stretching session the Gaffer explained that there would be a few games between the teams and that for each game won the winning team would be awarded a goal in the later mini game.

Della-Rocca (Gattuso, Zola hybrid)

The first mini game was a test of ball control and speed, The object was to dribble round a set number of cones the return a pass to the next member of your team, repeat until everyone had done this twice and returned to the original starting point. The banter began, derogatory comments exchanged between each team in regards to the level of skill they posses, then it was on. It was a tight race, there was some interesting interpretations of dribbling and some even more wild passing. But eventually The Obi-Ones emerged victorious, in no small part down to my own Usain Bolt turn of pace (ha ha maybe not).

Round two. Sprint test. The Gaffer placed a ball at the end of a paced out distance and explained the objective. The first person in the line would sprint to the ball pick it up and sprint back to the team handing (not throwing) the ball to the next team member. Then the next team member would sprint and return the ball sprint back and tag the next member to go. Repeat till all team members had completed it twice. CONTROVERSY!!! The teams contested the event and it was edged by Della's Warriors, how ever independent adjudicator (The Guru) had judge that Della's Warriors had been throwing the ball not handing it over and called for the race to be re-run. This time a different result as The Obi-Ones claim their second victory of the morning.

Round three. Keep ups, ball skills. Right The Obi-Ones are 2 - 0 up and the third round was all about how long you could keep the ball in the air between your team members. After a few minutes practice it was time to start for real. Della's Warriors were first up displaying the sort "ball in the air skills" which would make the Brazilian Ladies beach volley ball team proud. A target was set and it was up to us The Obi-Ones to beat it!!! Now despite my electrifying pace lighting up the first to rounds (ha ha) In this round I was found wanting. Despite the best efforts of my considerably more skillful team mates I let them down and the round went to Della's Warriors.

Round four, Final round. Penalties. Pretty self explanatory this round, the Gaffer between the sticks each member of the teams to take one penalty. Up first the victors from the last round Della's Warriors. A Stirling performance from the Gaffer in goal stopping Della's Warriors from scoring all their penos! Next up The Obi-Ones, another display of cat like reflexes from the Gaffer but The Obi-Ones just edge it so go into the mini game 3 - 1 up!!!.

Finally the game got under way, players were restricted to three touches of the ball. The game started at a good pace and I was put in a position by my team where I could cause less damage to them and probably Della's Warriors to!. If I thought it was going to be friendly I was wrong as a number of collisions with Downsey left me battered, cut, and with a dead leg! I think he went in like that as earlier I had out jumped him for a header which everyone saw despite Downsey's protests (The reason he would not be happy with this is that I'm five foot fuck all and Downsey is about eight foot tall!) Anyway the game continued. A controversial tackle on GattuZola which lead to Jules scoring, caused a some what heated debate between GattuZola and the Gaffer. It calmed down and the game continued.

Half time and I have no idea what the score is.

The second half gets underway and the three touch rule still applies. I start between the sticks and immediately make an impact as Charlie places a shot right between my legs to score. Midpoint into the second half and the three touch restriction is lifted allowing the full range of silky skills possessed by the Robin Hood to shine through. A few nut-megs and many goals later and the game is brought to a close and I still do not know what the score is??? but that does not matter as the only real concern for me is to make sure Downsey has not cause me any lasting damage (ha ha).

Another good turn out for a training session at what must be a frustrating start to a season where only one competitive game has been played. But no fear cause normal service is resumed next Sunday 28/09/08 as the Robin Hood take on FC Digica at Clifton Playing Fields, 10:30am. Feel free to come down and cheer on the boys and if we are lucky the burger van will be there. HMMMM Burgers!

Monday, 15 September 2008


Robin Hood FC Vs. Premium FC
Location: Vernon Park, Basford
Date 14/09/08Time 10:30

Robin Hood FC 0 - 2 Premium FC
" I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the champion"
(Mia Hamm American female Soccer (football) player)
The above quotation is by the female American soccer (football) player Mia Hamm who has scored 158 goals in 275 appearances for her country. Now I know the boys are wondering why I have put this on here? Well to me it sums up the absolutely quality attitude of every single player who was there yesterday, despite the result the togetherness was palpable. This is something that last season I would have not been able to say. But amazingly it does not come as a surprise! Having followed the team's preseason closely I can say that the hard work on building that attitude has paid off. Yeah its not perfect! but f**k me things can only get better and what a prospect that is. I for one will be looking forward to seeing this blossom and in turn get the results that it deserves.
Vernon Park is still in a state of long over due renovation (but its looking good) we arrive around 9:15am but The Gaffer, The Guru, and I are not the first Graham has been there since 8:30 now that is dedication for you. Slowly the lads begin to trickle in to the park and by about 10:00am everyone is there and the oppo has also arrived. While the oppo change in the temp changing rooms (porta-cabins!!) The Gaffer and The Guru (freshly wounded by a Rottweiler bite to the bum ouch!!) Gather the lads to run through a few things and unfortunately disappoint a few as they can only pick five subs and around twenty plus lads have turned out. Then its time to change into the new kit for the first time. Some teething problems with the new kit, well Kebab being confused to why his socks had an L on one and a R on the other? Once penny dropped all the lads gathered for a team photo taken by the chairman of the club Mr Mark Sissons. But now it was time, all the posturing put aside the real deal was to begin. The ref blew the game began.
Just a couple of minutes in and Ben playing on the right for the Robin sees a effort driven just wide of Premium's upright. Another individual effort six minutes in from Cookie (Ryan) on the left wing goes over the oppo's cross bar. The opening part of the game is being played at the fast pace you'd expect from Sunday league football, though the length of the grass on the pitch is not helping much. Premium win a throw in on their left hand side, taken, and Premium's striker is on the ball in the box Goal!!!!! driven past Adam (The Wasp) Premium take the lead. Robin Hood 0 - 1 Premium. Now last season the pessimist in me would have been dishearten by Premium scoring and would be expecting the Robin Hood to capitulate and go on to lose by a rather large margin. But today was different, encouragement was being offered from all quarters non more so than from the Captain Jay, and heads do not drop Robin Hood knew they had a job to do. Twenty minutes into the first half Captain Jay (who we will call Skip for now) hits a long range low drive wide of the mark. The half continues and the Robin struggle a little with their shape. Challenges are made but the flow of the game is interrupted somewhat by the jobsworthing of the ref on free kicks, throw ins, and strangely how the players communicate a return pass! astonishingly they are not allow to say "And again". Forty one minutes in and a good knock from "young" Ali Brown sees Cookie come in from the right and drill the ball just wide. The end of the first half and Premium go into the break one up.

The second half is a completely different animal for the Robin Hood, they come out all guns blazing creating a couple of opportunities in the first few moments but unfortunately do not find the back of the net. The Robin know what they have to do and are pressing Premium hard. Premium defend well and Robin make opportunities but fail to "seal the deal" so to speak. Fifty nine minutes in and another effort from Cookie see the ball go wide. Seventy eight minutes and a long ball from the back for Premium see their striker turn the Robin defence and slot home past The Wasp. Robin Hood 0 - 2 Premium. Again this does not have the usual effect on the Robin Hood and they continue their dominance of the second half. The last ten minutes is played almost exclusively in Premium's half as the Robin go on a hunt for a goal. Eighty fifth minute Robin have a free kick on the edge of the area Skip runs up and thunders it toward Premium's goal their keeper gets a block to it but can not hold it. The ball pin balls around the box eventually be cleared of the line by a Premium defender. This does not relieve the pressure on Premium as on eighty six minutes Cookie cuts inside from the left and unleashes a shot that Premium's keeper has to tip over the bar oooh that was close. Despite the constant pressure from the Robin they can't find a way through the ref blows for full time! Robin Hood 0 - 2 Premium.
Despite the result the lads can be proud of the way they all rallied in the second half, with the only thing missing that finishing touch. The attitude was fantastic, the Robin Hood are becoming a team. Ok back to the Robin for the banter to begin, the players dissected their individual performances while tucking into the sausages laid on by Phil and The Robin Hood. The atmosphere is very positive a good sign that the boys will bounce back and be even more hungry for their first win. If the second half is anything to go on that first win is not far off.

Player Ratings
Adam (The Wasp) - 9 - MOM
Terminator - 6
Sean - 7
Big Wayne - 7
Kebab - 7
Ben - 6
"young" Ali Brown - 8
Jay (Skip) - 7
Cookie - 8
Della-Rocca - 7
Ant (Obi-Wan) - 7
Jules - 6
Gazza - 7
Charlie - 7

(A Tribute to Mark's love of Kebabs!!!)

(Keep an eye out for details of the next fixture for the Robin Hood FC)

Monday, 8 September 2008

"I Got a Touch to it You Bell End!!!"

Sunday 07/09/08
Woodthorpe Park
NO GAME, Training Session!
First of all a thank you to Adam "Neville Southall" Swietlinski for supplying the title of this weeks blog and the quote of the day.

"I got a touch to it you bell end!"

So no game! WTF! first game of the season postponed due to poor weather a decision that was made on Friday by the Council every game called off. What a kick in the nuts, all the lads wound up looking forward to getting the league campaign underway (with a win of course) to be shot down by the pencil pushers. Now I'm no meteorologist (weatherman) but to call off every game because it is raining on a Friday strikes me as a little over the top. Did no one have the sense to say lets wait and see? after all the games are played on Sunday and the weather changes. As it was the decision had been made so there was no game (by the way if you were out Sunday morning you would have notice how nice it was, warm, dry, perfect footballing conditions).
Anyway in the face of adversity true greatness prevails (now I'm going over the top ha-ha). A training session was organised and fingers were crossed that the turn out would be good. Any worries from the management team regarding the commitment of the players were unfounded as an excellent attendance proved that the boys are up for it this year and they want to play football. Now with it being a training session there is not much that can be written about. The Gaffer and the Guru split up the lads and got a game under way. The Guru acting as official while the Gaffer went between the sticks (an interesting sight i assure you as the official dimension for goal posts are 8ft in height and 24ft in width, the Gaffer on the other hand is about 5ft 2") he hardly created an intimidating barrier, but what he lacked in size he made up for in agility. The game was played in a good manner, goals were scored, names were called, a all round a good training session.

Back to the Robin to analyse the training session over a few bevvies and to be regaled with the sexual mis-adventures of Po! Interesting to say the least. Anyhow time to think about next week and what will be the opening game of the 08/09 season, Its at Vernon Park 10:30, versus Premium, be there or be a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

New Kits on the Blog

Robin Hood FC Vs. Lowdham FC
Location: Woodthorpe Park, Sherwood
Date 31/08/08Time 10:45

Robin Hood FC 4 - 3 Lowdham FC

A warm yet cloudy Sunday morning, the season is almost upon us. Things are returning to equilibrium and the Robin Hood actually have a game on a SUNDAY and in the MORNING!
The only thing missing was the threat and inevitability of a downpour.

A pleasant stroll to the park and on my approach the the pitch a surprise, something that has not happened at a Robin Hood FC game for a long long while, they had a squad! (now I may hear some of you saying duh! don't most football teams have squads?) Well yes that is true but for the first time I can remember Robin Hood had at least seventeen players! An embarrassment of riches that can only be compared to the Galaticos of the forth coming dominant Man City FC (hmm Robhino What The F**k!). Lowdham on the other hand were suffering from the Robin's problem of seasons past and had only manage to scrape together ten players. After running a series of drills on the pitch (yeah I know!!) the game was ready to get going and with the Gaffer acting as referee it was up to the Guru to orchestrate things from the side line.

Kick off! things start at a frenetic pace which would prove the norm for the game. Lowdham were going to offer the Robin a test, they looked fit and (sorry about the cliche') they got stuck in! This was no game of solid defense followed by swift counter attack like Awsworth. Back and forth the Robin struggling to find and maintain shape, disaster fifteen minutes in and Lowdham strike 1 - 0! This seemed to be the kick up the arse the Robin needed. Eighteen minutes the Robin get a corner crossed into the box bodies flying here there and everywhere trying to clear the ball, "Young" Ali Brown ends up the winner and drives the ball home 1 - 1. Robin continued their resurgence playing some good football, a through ball from midfield was latched onto by the Robin Hood's very own Italian import Della-Rocca who calmly placed the ball past Lowdhams keeper, 2 - 1 thirty one minutes, things are looking up. Are the Robin going to stamp their authority on the game? Not quite three minutes after Della's goal Lowdham equalise, the Robin seemingly having switched off. The last ten minutes are played out at the same pace but yield no goals for either side. Half time 2 - 2.

At this point I'd like to mention not only was the squad bulging at the seems (and Kebab that's not another dig at your waist line) but the number of spectators had to be a record high. With the WAGs in attendance (Emma, Faye, Becky and Porn star Paul) cheering on their men. Plus regulars from the Robin and so many kids running around there was a good atmosphere on a pleasant day. Anyhow I digress on with the second half.

The second half resumed and with Lowdham down another player a quick loan deal is arranged so Gaz "That was a Sitter" Fountain pulls on the yellow shirt of Lowdham. The game continues in the same vain as the first half, if only with a little less vigor. The shape of Robin continues to be an issue but with rolling subs being used roughly every twenty minutes its to be expected. Fifty eight minutes see Ant "Obi-Wan" exploit a Lowdham keeper error to slot home and make it 3 - 2. Lowdham continue with a strong challenge but the Robin (despite shape concerns) grow in confidence. A strong midfield display continues Robin's rise. Late in the second half (eighty fifth minute) Jay steps up and powers a shot past the keeper which in all honesty he did not have much chance of getting to, 4 - 2. The Robin took their foot off the gas after their fourth goal and it showed two minutes from time when Lowdham grabbed a potential life line bring the score to 4 - 3. But it was to no avail as the Robin held out the last few minutes to come through a strong test by a good team with a victory.

This would normally be the end of this weeks report however once the game had finished the whole squad made its way back to The Robin Hood (Mansfield Road) for the eagerly anticipated launch of the new kit (and some chips and sausages).

After the initial banter, Sunday league footballer bragging and posturing about how they were the best on the pitch the Gaffer called the whole squad into the pool room. Some inspirational words from the Guru and a small speech from the Gaffer lead us to the point of reveal. (See below)

The Gaffer shows the lads the new home kit
After the gasps and wows of the crowd had dimmed the Gaffer revealed the new Keeper top. (See below)

The Guru and Phil look on approvingly as the keeper top is revealed
Following the excitement of the kit launch came one of the most important parts to the start of the new season, the naming of the captain! DRUM ROLL PLEASE ..........................................
................................................................. Ladies and Gents your Captain for this season, JAY! vice captain appoint due to his un-wavering commitment shown to the club ANT "OBI-WAN"

One thing left to do, the Squad photo. See below this years hero's. COM'ON ROBIN!!!!!!!


Monday, 18 August 2008

Sunday Footy!!! But its Saturday!!!!

Awsworth Resi vs Robin Hood FC
Location: Hall Park, Eastwood
Date 16/08/08
Time 14:00

Awsworth Resi 0 - 0 Robin Hood

OK OK, let me get this right! Robin Hood FC member of Senior 1 Notts SUNDAY League, notice how I empathised the Sunday there. So its Saturday and the Robin have their second friendly of the season! Fortunately a Sunday league team playing a game on Saturday did not tear a massive hole in the space time continuum as predicted by Nostradamus.....

"Shall those who activity the day after the day before turn and activity the day before the day after. Then great misfortune will be reeked on the world and a great hole appear above the Wood of the East"

But it has not come to pass so lets get on with the job at hand. The Robin Hood FC v. Awsworth Resi. Played at Hall Park, Eastwood.

On arrival the first thing everyone notices is the mini race track with about six model cars zipping round it at break neck speeds. And what appear to be fully grown men with their pasting table set up by the boots of their motors tinkering and tweaking with all manner of mini car bits. The model cars are a welcome distraction for the kids and girlfriends that have turned up (dragged along) to see their hero's play (Hmm!) so while the players change everyone else watches the unfolding drama on the track.

Awsworth FC, are a Saturday team of good quality so there reserves were going to be a good test for the Robin Hood. The friendly was arranged by Stef (Football Guru) and nobody wanted to win it as much as he. The reason being he has to sit opposite the guy who runs the Awsworth

team everyday at work... Ladies and Gentlemen up for grabs was no cup, no league title, no place in European competition, but something more important, something more precious, something money can't buy, not even MasterCard can get you this ---- (maybe I'm hyping this too much) up for grabs was BRAGGING RIGHTS! Do not under-estimate how much bragging rights counts when it comes to Football, so with this on the line its time to get the game under way!!

14:00hrs, Saturday 16/08/08, Overcast, windy, but mild.. Kick off. This game was always going to be a tough test for the Robin in all areas and the first minute set out the pace and style for the rest of the game. A early ball into the Robin box cleared by a towering header from Joe (Moroccan) Cooper. Followed by a long pass for Swiney up front to take it down the right and cross for Lee in the Awsworth area, the Keeper claim the cross. But this set out the first half of solid defense followed by quick counter attack from the Robin. Nine minutes in some good midfield work ends in a through ball for Lee but a little too much on this time Awsworth keeper collects. Back and forth the ball goes with both teams showing they are up for it, again the Robin defense is acquitting itself well under the pressure of the Awsworth attack. Robin midfield again playing well, a good knock from the middle of the park forces Awsworth keeper of his lines to clean up for his defense and clear for a throw in. Eighteen minutes Robin are award their first corner, cross comes in cleared a melee' of activity and Robin have a free kick, straight to the keepers hands. The game continues on un-a-bound with both teams showing good energy considering the early nature of preseason. Twenty one minutes in Chrissy Sykes steals the ball off the oppo midfield powers down the left and knock in an excellent cross on the outside of his boot this causes no end of problems in the Awsworth defensive but ultimately yields nothing for the Robin in terms of goals. But only a minute later and a great cross directly on to the Lee's head but sees the ball sail agonisingly over the bar!. Substitution Swiney off and Jay on, the big mans first friendly (for the Robin) of the season adding a new dimension of height and strength to the attack. A chance for Awsworth goes just over the bar, that was close. Forty Fifth minute Awsworth free kick comes to nothing Adam claims confidently. Whistle blows end of the first half.

A solid defensive display with some encouraging counter attacking from the Robin against good opposition.

Second half kicks off and continues in the same manner as the first. A couple of minutes after kick off a great interchange of passing between Jay and Chrissy sees Jay hit a low powerful drive, a second low shot follows from Ryan in midfield but neither result in a goal. Another free kick to Awsworth but that also ends up safley in Adam's arm. A hard tackle from Kebab results in another free kick to Awsworth which once again is wasted and not troubling Adam between the sticks. Fifty Nine minutes Robin free kick ten yards outside of the area Jay winds up and hits a hard shot directly into the wall (ouch!!). More back and forth between the teams, jostling in and around the Awsworth area results in an acrobatic effort from Jay which goes just wide. A good mazey-esc run from Ryan results in a effort from Ant (Obi-Wan) Sykes which the keeper saves. Awesworth counter from Obi-Wan's effort putting a decent header just wide of the post. Awsworth are putting on the pressure in the run up to the end of the game counter the Robins efforts and again just going wide of the mark. Eighty Eight minutes a pile driver of a shot from Jay, some how the keeper gets to it and pushes it wide for a corner, his hands will be stinging after that!!. Pressure from the Robin mounts and all the play is in the oppo half, but a break and counter from Awsworth sees the Robin in real trouble, then from out of no where comes Kebab (see below for picture included just for the ladies!!) chasing down the Awsworth attacker like he is the last Donner on earth, timing his challenge to perfection Kebab saves the day!! (Full fat mayo for that man!!!). Last minute of the game Robin get a throw in deep in the Awsworth half Kebab steps up and inspired by his Donner chase down antics just moments earlier propels a excellent ball into Awsworths box, Rising like early morning glory (you know what I'm talking about boys) Sean gets his noggin to the throw just to see the ball go about half an inch over the bar. PEEP PEEP PEEP!!! End of the game.

A good test for the Robin from a well organized and intelligent team. An Excellent display from the back four who worked hard for the whole game. Most encouraging was the way the Robin (most of time) kept their shape. A cutting edge up front would have seen the Robin win this game. A lot can be taken from this game, good individual performances but best of all a very very good team effort. Things are starting to take shape for the Robin lets see what else is to come.

(Slight error no Friendly on Sunday, But there will still be a posting next week look out for it!)

Monday, 11 August 2008

David vs. Goliath

Robin Hood FC vs Bestwood Colts FC
Location: Southglade Liesure Center
Date 10/08/08
Time 14:00
Robin Hood 9 - 2 Bestwood Colts
Waiting around was the worst bit, any of you familiar with Sunday league Football know its played on a cold wet Sunday morning on a park that's taken you a hour to find with inadequate toilet facilities at the hangover busting time of half ten!!, yesterday was different, the time for Robin Hood FC's return to footballing action was two o'clock which meant there was time to kill, hanging about listen to all the pro analysis on TV to yesterdays opening clashes in the football league. A sneaky hour on Football Manager 2008 and reading the News of the World from cover to cover twice (not to difficult considering the standard of journalism).
Finally twelve thirty polls round and right on time Do-Nut pulls up outside the casa'de'perry road. The Boss loads the boot with all manner of footballing apparel, and we head to the Robin Hood to meet the rest of the lads.
Now the Robin Hood FC has undergone somewhat of a makeover over the last few weeks with lots of fresh face brought in to play. This was no more apparent as to the arrival in the Robin Hood car park of a Fiat containing what looked like the Backstreet Boys! Turns out they could play a bit!
With everyone there even Mr Ali Brown who we thought would duck out to watch the Tricky Trees in action we headed off to Southglade Leisure Centre. OK the last time I was at Southglade Leisure Centre was when i was still at college (so yes that was sometime back now!!!). However i was aware that it had had some money spent on it since then so was interested in what it would be like. Well what a transformation it looked nothing like it used to it was all shiny and shit! So we make our way to the new artificial pitches.
The miracle of modern technology, artificial pitches have come a long way since QPR's ill fated flirtation with the it in the early eighties. This stuff was excellent and the comments from the players is it took a stud well and played as close to the real thing as possible.
So after a brief warm up and some inspiring words from the Boss (hmmm!) it was time to get under way. The warm but blustery weather had its impact on the game and it was noticeable that it was the first time back in action for some of the guys. Despite the obvious age and size difference Coopers Troopers (Bestwood Colts) did not shirk any challenge and if anything they were the more aggressive at first. The scoring was opened by the Robin Hood, a slightly contentious off side was flagged after a shout from the defensive line to which the ref waved play on allowing the Robin Hood to break the deadlock. This opened the game up and in no time the Robin were two up, making advances into the box the player was held back and a penalty was given and duly converted by Chris Sykes which was to be the first goal of his hat-trick. The game ebbed and flowed with Bestwood Colts giving a good account of themselves in all areas of the pitch. Rolling substitution kept the match fresh and help out those regaining fitness levels. Bestwood manage to pull a goal back, however before half time a penalty was awarded to Bestwood but was saved by Adam in the sticks for the Robin.
Second half was very similar to the first only the goals flowed more freely, Chris Sykes completed his hat-trick, while Ali Brown expertly (ha ha he told me to put that) curled a free kick into the keeper's far post corner, capping a good performance from (not so) young Mr Brown and he manged a full ninety minutes, however will be missing for the next two games because he is being dragged down to the big smoke for some quality time with his missus and her mam! Rocking up from the back Mark AKA Donner Kebab also managed to get his name on the score sheet, along with a solid performance from Lee upfront who also got on the score sheet meant Robin Hood looked good value for there win. Bestwood managed another goal in the second half with the final score being 9-2 to the Robin Hood. But make no mistake Bestwood performance was commendable and despite the scoreline can be proud of the manner in which they played. Every area on the pitch for the Robin yielded good performances (I apologise as I do not know all the new guys names but will learn them over the season and you'll get the recognition you deserve in this blog) so things look good, but there is still work to do over the next few weeks which will hopefully set them up to hit the ground running when season proper begins.
After the game the lads returned to the Robin for a few well deserved bevvies and banter which seem to be mainly directed toward Mark, his love of the Kebab and how this has a negative effect on his waist line.
So first friendly down, and another coming up this Saturday 16/08/08 (details to follow)
(Pics to be added later)
Finally managed to pin down Bestwood Colts manager Joe (Moroccan) Cooper for his view of the game...
"despite the scoreline it was a good performance from bestwood colts who have not played for 2 seasons. A few glaring errors from the Colts goalkeeper meant that Robin Hood were gifted a number of goals. Credit cannot be taken away from the Robin Hood who did play very well at times. Man of the Match given to young Ali Brown!"
Cheers Cooper,
Next friendly Saturday 16/08/08, report to follow shortly after.
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